Smith John 1664 of Wycomb Will

John Smith of Wycomb 1664 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1664

In the name of God Amen I John Smyth of Wickham in the Countie of Leicester Farmer being sicke in body but of sound perfect memory God be praised Doe make and ordaine this my last will and Testament in maner and forme following

First I bequeath my Soule into the hands of almightie God my maker in full hope and assurance to be saved onely by the merits of Jesus Christ my Redeemer and for my worldly goods

Imprimis I give my house in which I now live withal Barnes Stables Edifices Buildings yards Backsides Orchardes Gardens Kilne as alsoe one Cottage thereunto adjoyning now in the tenure and occupacon of Isacce Watchorne with all Easements and Emoluments whatsoever thereunto belonging unto Sarah my beloved wife for ever

It I give unto my Brother Alexander Smyth one Shilling

It I give unto my Sister Jane Hurst one Shilling

It I give unto my Sister Katherine one Shilling

It I give to Sarah my loveinge wife the ten Pounds which my Brother William Hurst oweth me which sd ten Pounds he rec’d of Mr Waldron

It I give to the Poore of the Parish Three Shillings and fower pence

All the rest of my Goods and Chattels of what nature and kind soever I give and bequeath unto Sarah my Loveing Wife whom I make full and sole Executrix of this my last Will and Testament she seeing my Debts paid and my Legacies discharged my body decently intered and my funerall Expences defrayed

In witnesse hereof I have hereunto set to my hand and Seale this fifteenth day of Aprill One Thousand six hundred sixty and fower and of his Majesties Raign the Sixteenth 1664

                                                                                                                John Smyth

Read published signed and sealed in the presence of

J Day

The marke of Mary Davy

Isacce Watchorne his marke

Probate 4 August 1664


The top right-hand corner of this inventory is missing

A true and perfect Inventory [“of all and” missing] Singuler the goodes Creddits and [probably “Chattels of” missing] John Smith late of Wickham in [“the County” missing] of Leicester yeoman taken and apprized by [probably “us whose”] names are hereunder written as followeth viz

In the parlor next the kitchen   
Inprimis One Coffer with Fowre paire of sheetes and some other Linnens and   
One Fetherbed100
In the Kitchen   
It One brasse pott fowre brasse pans one Copper one little table one chaire   
one dresser one fryeinge pann with breweing vessells and other Implements6180
In the Chamber over the Kitchen   
It Two Hoggsheads Two Craddles Two Linnen wheeles one wollen wheele   
Foure Strike of pease with other Implements150
In the Chamber over the Stone parlor   
It one Trunke of Linnens4100
It One other Trunke of Linnens2100
It One great bedstead, one chayre, one childes chaire one sett of new Curtaines   
and vallance and Counterpane one beareinge blanket500
In the boarded parlor   
It One Table, one Cabinett, one bedstead, one paire of curtaines and vallance,   
one chaire100
It purse and apparrell and plate6134
It in the Closett, one Truncke books one table and other Implements100
In the Buttery   
It Three barrells one Thrall with other Implements0100
In the Dayrie   
It shelves and milke vessells, and other Implements068
In the Chamber over the entrye   
It Three Strike of barley, one Cheese cratch070
In the Cheese Chamber   
It Cheeses a Cheese cratch tressells and other implements054
It one warmeinge pann020
In the Hall   
It Two Tables 4 chaires 2 buffett stooles0100
It Fire Irons050
In the Court yard one pump one horse trough 3 Swine troughs100
In the Bull house   
Item Hay one henn penn0100
In the Stable   
Item Cratch and mangers050
In the Orchard barne   
It pease and straw100
In the orchard   
13 Fence trayes and pales and 2 Ladders0150
It pease in the yard168
It 3 Cowes one calfe 5 Sheepe & 4 Lambes0110
It 2 Large Swyne068
It Corne upon the ground0400
Sum total4372

Gervas Day

Nathaniell Noble

Bond, bound Sarah Smith widow of Wycomb and William Cooke gentleman of Leicester 4 August 1664, condition bound Sarah Smith executrix of John Smith of Wycomb to execute will

                                                                                                                Signum Sarah Smyth

                                                                                                                Willm Cooke