Smart Robert 1594 of Long Clawson will and inventory

Robert Smart of Long Clawson 1594 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/215/74

Primo die mensis Martii ao regin Dna … Elizabeth die gra Anglie Francie et Hiberie Regina fidei defendrici etc tricesimo sexto et ao dni 1593

In the name of god Amen the day and yeare above written I Robt Smarte of Claxton in the county of Leicester husbandman being sicke in body but of perfect mynde & memory thanks be given to god do make and ordaine this my last will and testament in maner and forme following

First I bequeath my soule to god & to Jesus Christe my redeemer in whome I have a lyvely fayth and my boddy to be buryed in the Churcheyarde of the sayd Claxton

Itm I geve to the pore mans box six pence

Itm I geve to Edwarde my sone my whole teame of beasts that is to say two bullocks and foure mares cart & ploughes with their geares & all my hovells

Itm I geve to Willm my sone one balde filly, one brinded hefer three sheepe, one hive of bees, halfe a quarter of wheat & halfe a quarter of barley

Itm I geve to John Henson my sone in lawe one olde mare and one ewe with a lambe in full satisfaccon of his parte

Itm I geve to Richard my sone one red hefer six sheepe one hive of bees halfe a quarter of wheate and halfe a quarter of barley

Itm I geve to James my sone two kyne, thone a browne cut horned cowe & thother a red cowe six ewes & lambes, and halfe a quarter of wheate

Itm I geve to Francis my sone two ewes & lambes and foure shere hogges one yearling calfe and one wayning calfe which sayd two calves to be well kept by my executor until May day which shall be in ao dni 1595

Itm I geve to Isabell my daughter two kine thone of them a brinded cowe thother a blacke two ewes and lambes and six other sheepe one paire of flaxen one paire of hempen & one paire of harden sheetes, one coverlett, one bolster, one pillow, two pewter dishes and one brasse pan

Itm my debts legacies and funerall discharged, the rest of my goods moveable & unmoveable whatsoever unbequeathed I leave to Edward my forsayd sone whom I do make my full executor of this my last will and testament to see it performed alwayes provided that yf the sayd rest of my goods amounte above my debts, legacies, and funerall discharged then the overplus to be parted amongst my sayd children at the discrecon of Edwarde More whom I do request to be the overseer thereof

These being witnesses

Henry Burdett

Olyver Warde

John Henson


The Inventory of all the goods & chattells with other riches moveable & unmoveable of Robt Smarte Late of Claxton in the county of Leicester husbandman deceased taken & prysed by Henry Burdett Robt Wright James Loe & Thomas Bell the xiiith day of Marche 1593 [1593/4] as followeth

Imprimis his pursse with is apparell xxs
Itm one cupborde, bordes, cheres, fourmes, stooles & other furniture in the house xs
Itm bedstyds, bedding, chests napery & other things within the parler x l vis viiid
Itm brasse & pewter with certaine napery in an other parler xxxvs
Itm corne in a chamber with other implements iii li vis viiid
Itm one leade with bacon and other implements in the kychen xxxvs xd
Itm foure Mares & two stags viii li xvis
Itm two steares iiii li vis viiid
Itm six kyne, three hefers, & one stere xii li
Itm three and forty sheepe x li
Itm six swine xxvs
Itm corne & hay in the barne iii li xvs iiiid
Itm certaine fleakes vis
Itm hyves of bees xlvis viiid
Itm waynes & plowghes with their geares hovel and ladders iiii li xvs xd
Itm the croppe of the grounde with the barley fallowes to be sowne viii li
Itm geese, ducks hennes & a grindle stone with other tryfles unnamed vis viiid
                                                                       Suma totalis 66li 12s 4d  

Probate 11 May 1594