Smart John 1735 of Long Clawson will and inventory

John Smart of Long Clawson 1735 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1735

In the Name of God Amen I John Smart of Long Claxon Alias Long Clawson in the County of Leicester Coardwinder [sic] being Weak of Body but of perfect Understanding do make and ordain this My last will and Testament in Manner and form following

First and principally I Commit my Soul into the Hand of All Mighty God Who gave it hopeing through the Merits of Christ Jesus My Only Saviour to have a full pardon of all My Sins & I commit My Body to the Earth and for  My Temporall things which God hath Given me I dispose of them in Manner and form following

Imprimis I Give and bequeath to Mary my Wife her heires & Assignes that Cottage or Tenement Now in the possession of Samuell Fox it Standing or being in the East End of Long Clawson as aforesaid and the Land thereto belonging it being in the possession of William Cooke Both which I Bought of William Stokes I Say I give them to My Dear wife as afore Said to Dispose of them as Shee thinks fit

Itam I give and bequeath to Mary My beloved wife My House in which I Live and My Home Stead their to Adjoyning And a Quarter of An Oxegange of Land in the Field to be at her Disposeing to bring up My Son And Daughter

And Lastly I Make ordain Mary My Dear Wife as Afore Said Sole Executrix of All My Goods Cattle and Chattles and do here by Annihilate Make Void and of None efect all former wills Made by Me And or Dain this my Last Will and Testament

In Wittness Whereof I have hereto Set My Hand and Seal the twentith ninth Day of January in the 8th Year of Our Sovereign Lord George the 2d Reign of Great Britton France and Ireland King Defender of the Faith Anno Dom 1734-5

                                                                                                         John Smart

Sealed Published and Declar’d to be the Last Will & Testament of John Smart the Testator in the presence of Us Under Subscrib’d

Thomas Burroughs

Henry Hand

John Guy

An Inventory of all the Goods Cattle and Chattles of John Smart of Long Clawson Cordwainer who deceased January the thirtieth and was Interr’d February the first one thousand seven hundred and thirty four as followes

  £ s d
Impris Purse and Apparrell 5 0 0
Item Three Cows and two Calves 8 1 0
Item two little Swine 0 11 0
Item Nine Sheep 2 14 0
Item Hay in the barn and two Ladders & other lumber there 1 00 0
Item things in the house      
In the Chimney a fire Iron Rack and hooks and Wanded Chair 0 6 8
Item Two Flitches of Bacon 0 15 0
Item Six Chairs the pewter Shelfe and Clock 1 16 0
Item the pewter in the house the Warming pan and other things 2 1 0
Item in the Shopp book 4 1 6
Item things in the Kitchen two potts and two panns 1 5 0
Item three Tubbs a Cheese press a dresser and two Kitts 1 1 6
Item in the Dairy three barrells two forms & other things 0 8 6
Item things in the Parlour      
One bed and beding & Six Chairs and a Table and a Chest and two boxes 5 5 6
Item things in the Cheese Chamber      
Cheese a Tub and Corn and other things 1 0 6
Item things in the Chamber over the parlour      
A bed and a Chest a Table and others 1 10 0
Item things in the Kitchen Chamber      
A Wheel and reel and other lumber there 0 2 6
Item things in the Shopp      
A bed and a little Leather and working tools 1 15 0
Item things unseen and forgotten   0 5 0
                                                                                                                        Totall 38 19 8

Apraized by us

Hugh Stevens

John Mackley

Thomas Burroughs

Mary Smarte Widow the within named Executrix was Sworn the 14th of Aprill 1735 before George Newell Esq Officiall In the presence of R Stephens Regr