Skellett John 1685 of Plungar will and inventory

John Skellett of Plungar 1685 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1685/109

In the Name of God Amen I John Skellett of Plungar in the Countie of Leicester Miller the Seventeeth Day of March Anoq Dni Dei 1683 Doe make & ordaine this my Last Will and Testament in maner & forme following (vizt)

I give, bequeath & comitt my Soule to Almighty God that gave it mee hopeing to be saved by the Merrits of Jesus Christ my onely Savior & Redeemer & my Body to the Earth in Decent Buriall at the Chardge of my Executor and as for my worldly Estate I give Devise & Bequeath as followeth (vizt)

Imprimis I give Devise & bequeath to Marie my Loveing Wife all that my Messuage house or Tenement and all that Land Meadow comon Tething grass & comon of Pasture in the Towne fields & precincts of Plungar aforesd which I Lately Purchased of one Thomas Simpson with evrie the appurtenances and alsoe all that my Wind Mill with the Appurtenances in the fields & precincts of Barkston in the sd Countie of Leic  which I Lately purchased of one Solomon Nixon till my eldest Daughter Marie accomplish the age of Twenty years & then the Third part or value of the sd house Lands & Mill to be & Redound to the use of the sd Marie my Daughter for ever & one other third part of value of the said house lands & Mill to the use of Ane my youngest Daughter for ever when she shall accomplish the age of Twenty years & the other third part or Value to the use & behoof my Marie my Loveing wife dureing her natureall Life in full Satisfaction of her thirds in the said premises and Imediately after the Decease of Marie my wife I give Devise and bequeath all & evrie the said house Lands Mill and Premises with Thappurtances unto my Said two Daughters Marie & Ane equally to be Devided betweene them, theire heirs & assigns for ever

Item I give & bequeath to Marie my eldest Daughter one great Chest the biggest, the biggest great pann, the great Table in the Hall the frame & two Buffett formes belonging to it & one halfe headed Bedstead with the Beding & furniture belonging to it

Item I give & bequeath to my youngest Daughter Ane the Lesser Chest & one great Cubbard in the Hall & the next biggest pann and each of them three Puter Dishes & to Ane one other halfe headed Bedstead the new one with the Beding & furniture Belonging to it, all to be Delivered to them when they shall accomplish the Several ages of Twenty years a piece

All the Rest of my goods, Moneys, Cattells and Chattells whatsoever & wheresoever I give & bequeath to Mary my Loveing Wife whome I make my Sole Executrix of this my Last Will & Testament, Shee my sd Executrix Bringing upp my sd two Daughters till they shall accomplish the several ages of Twenty years a piece without any Stopage or Deduction of theire or either of theire estates & alsoe to have the Tuission of my said Daughters to theire Said ages and I Desire & Authorize my wives Brother John Heanes of Rearsbie in the sd Countie of Leicester & Brian Howitt of Plungar in the sd County of Leicester to Be Trustees & Supvissours of this my will & Testament and I humbly Crave that Mr Robert Ireland of Melton Mowbray, my Loveing friend to be an Assistant to my said Executrix and Supvisours in all cases both in Law & equity, my said executrix being at all chardges Besides paying my Debts and funerall Chardges

In Wittness to this my Last Will & Testament Revoking all other my mee made I have Sett to my hand & Seale the day & yeare above Written

                                                                                                         John Skellet his marke

Read Seald Signed & Declared as the Last Will & Testament of the said John Skellett in the presence of

Brian Howitt

The marke of Willm Grocock

Ric: Hickson senr

Memoranda the outLineing was before the signing & Sealing hereof


Brian Howitt

The makr of Willm Grocock

Ric: Hickson Sen


July the 20th Anoq Dni 1685

A true & perfect inventorie of all the goods, Cattells, Chattels, houshould Stuffe Moneys & Credits of John Skellett Late of Plungar in the Countie of Leicester Miller Deceased, as they were Veiwed & prized by the persons whose Names are under Subscribed the day & yeare above Written

  £ s d
Imprimis his Purse & Apparrill 2 13 4
It in the Hall one Long table & frame two Buffett formes, one great Cubbord, one      
Fall Table, five Cheers, one old Salt coffer, one fire Iron, one Racon Balke, Small      
Hookes, one fire Shovell, one Paire of Tongs, one Paire of bellows and other      
Smale things theire 2 1 0
It in the Parlor one halfe headed Bed Stead, two joined Chests, 2 old coffers, one      
Smale box, one Paire of …, & other Smale things there 0 13 6
Item one Webb of flax cloth, one Webb of hemp cloth, one Webb of harden cloth      
& flax harden yearne 4 4 6
It one Red Blanckett 2 White blancket, one Bed, cording, one paire of flax sheets,      
Tow paire of hemp Sheets, three paire of Wareing Sheets, 9 flax Napkins 4      
Pillowbears one Table cloth one Wooll bed, one wooll … 3 3 9
Item in the Chambers the Servants Bed & Beding, 23 li of fleece wooll, 11 li of      
Pelt Wooll, 28 li of belting Locks & Sume offal Wooll, i Kidle, i Rying sive, … one      
Scutle, & other Smale things theire 2 0 0
Item in the other Chamber, one Old Planck, severall Cart …, one …lock, or … … 0 7 0
It Pewter & Brass in & about the house (vizt) eight old pewter Dishes, one pewter      
Candlestick, one pewter Salt, 5 … Spoones, 1 Tinn candlestick, 1 … candlestick 0 14 3
It two pot panns, 4 cetles, one warming pan, one frying pann, one pitch pott &      
2 Brands 2 0 0
Item in the Deary 3 boles, 1 Churne, 2 Serges, 1 …, 5 formes, 1 Cheese block,      
1 Shelfe, Milke vessells and other Small things theire 0 14 6
Item in the Store Chamber, Butter, & Cheese, & one Bacon Flicke, 1 Woollen      
Wheele, 2 Linning Wheels, 1 paire of plades, & keel, 1 Manner, 2 Sceps,      
1 flaskett and other Smale things theire 0 7 0
Item Money out, uppon good Securytie 28 4 0
Item Small Sumes Lent & owing & owing for comodyties 4 1 2
Item two Cowes, 1 3 year old, 2 two yeare olds, 1 bad youngling, 2 Calves 8 10 0
Item 12 old Sheepe & 2 Lambs 3 0 0
Item 3 Smale Piggs 1 0 0
Item 2 Acors of Barley growing on the ground 4 0 0
Item 3 Roods of Pease growing & sum hey 1 10 0
It one Mill Shaft, 2 Seall, Whips 0 3 0
Item in the Barne, 2 Plancks, 3 bordes, 2 Sheepe Cribbs, 2 Laders, 2 Fold Fleakes      
& other Smale things 0 14 0
Item one Load of Coles 0 15 0
Item in & about the Dwelling house & out houses, 5 dry Tubbs, 1 Swilling Tubb,      
2 Brewing Tubbs, 2 Peals, 1 Pigin, I Kimmill 0 8 6
Item 3 forkes, 1 Spade, 1 Pickax, & other Smale things 0 4 0
Item one old Byble, one old Testament 0 2 0
Item Pullin in & about the yarde 0 3 0
Item things & goods, forgotten, or not seene by us 0 2 4
                                                                                                           Summa Totals 73 15 01

Prizers hand & Names (vizt)

Brian Howitt

Ric: Hickson Sen

John Hayne

Exhibited 5 October 1685