Shipman Michael 1714 of Hickling and inventory

Michael Shipman of Hickling 1714 Inventory and Bond

Nottinghamshire Archives PR/JW/4/16

A true and perfect Inventory of all the goods Cattells and Chattells of Michael Shipman lately deceased prised and valued by us whose names are hereunder subscribed February the sixt Anno 1715

Imprimis his purse and apparrell 02 1 04
Item In the Chimney the fire iron frodgs and other necessaries thing therein 00 5 02
It in the House one Table 3 Cheires one dresser and some other small things 00 8 xx
Item in the parler one Bedstead with the bedding thereon 2 Cheires one little      
box 1 11 2
It in the Chamber one bed bedsted with some small beding belonging to it one      
woollen wheile 0 13 4
Item in the Chittin a few Coales 0 03 4
Item two Cows and two Calves 5 10 0
Item in the Barne the Hay 0 11 0
It the manner in the yard 0 4 4
It the pullin 0 1 0
It things seen and unseen   0 2 4
                                                                                         the totall sume is 11 11 7

Paul Hardy

William Barlowe

Bond 1 October 1714, bounden Margaret Shipman of Hickling widow of Michael and Paul Hardy of Hickling yeoman, condition Margaret Shipman to administer the estate.

                                                                                                         Margaret Shipman mark

                                                                                                         Paul Hardy