Sharp William 1635 of Long Clawson will

William Sharp of Long Clawson 1635 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1635/68

In the name of god Amen I William Sharpe of Claxton in the Countie of Leceister Laborer being sicke of bodie but of good & perfect memorye praysed be god nowe revokeinge all former & other wills before this time by me made Doe make and ordayne this my last will & testament In manner & forme followeinge

First & principallye, I bequeave my soule to Almightie god the make & redemer thereof, trusting in him onely to be saved through a lively faith in Christ Jesus & my bodie to the earth from when it Came to bee buried in the Church yard of Claxton aforesaide

Itim I gve to the poore of Claxton xiid

Itim I give & bequeave to Anne my wife all my moveable goods & also the benefit of all my land & homestead in Claxton aforesaid with all the apportenances thereto belonging she keeping her selfe widdowe, to bring upp my towe yongest Children & to paye my debts & funerall Charges and to enioye the same, untill such time as my eldest sonne shall be thirtie yeares of age and also I give unto her x l of Lawfull English money, to bee payed unto her out of the fee simple of my homestead Provided alwayes that if she marrye Then she shall have but onely the thirds of my land or els x l in money in leiwe thereof at her owne Choyce And then all the residue of the portion & meanes before named for her shall remayne to my towe yongest Children videlt William & Susan towardes theire mantenance and bringinge uppe

And when my eldest sonne Edward Sharpe shall accomplishe the age of xxxtie yeares as aforesaide Then I give unto him libertie of choyce whether he will inioye & inherit (to him & his heires for ever) my halfe Oxgange of land (be it more or lesse) in the feilds of Claxton with the apportinances and to take it for his filliall portion payeing nothinge out of it, or els (if he shall think good) & be Contented to pay to his mother, brother & syster, the sume of fortie & five poundes of lawfull englishe money at such times & in such manner and forme as is hereafter mentioned and expressed, That is to saye to his mother x l within two yeares next after he shall enter to his land (if shee keepe hereselfe widdowe) And to his syster Susan x l at her age of xxv yeares which I  give her for her filliall portion And also to his brother William Sharpe xxvtie pounds for his filliall portion, And in soe doeinge I then give also to my saied sonne Edward Sharple & to his heires for ever, my dwelling house & homestead, with my Close & orchard, & all other thapportinances in Claxton aforesayd, thereto belonging

But if he shall refuse to paye the said severall sumes of money or any of them, in such part as is before mentioned, Then my will & mynd is that the saied Edward & his heires shall inhearitt but onely my half oxgange of lande with the apportinances as aforesayed for his filliall portion And then I give to my sonne William Sharpe & to his heires for ever my sayed dwelling house & homestead with my close & orchard & all other the apportinances in the towne of Claxton aforesaid thereto belonging, uppon Condicon that he then take the same for his filliall portion And doe also then yeald to paye to his mother the foresaied sume of x l if she keepe herselfe widdowe as aforesaid and to his syster Susan likewise x l as foresaid for her filliall portion

Also I give to my daughter Anne Marriat the wife of John Marriat xxs to bee payed at such time as my wife shall receive the x l which I have assigned to her out of my land, or els when she shall enter to the thirds of my lande, if my sayd daughter shall be then liveinge

And I ordayne & make the sayd Anne my wife Sole executrix of this my laste will & testament

And also I make Richard Harper of Whitsandyme [Whissendine?] & John Marriat my sonne in lawe overseers thereof And for theire paynes I give them vid a peece

In witnesse whereof I have hereunto put my hand & seal the xth daye of November, Anno dom 1634

                                                                                                         William Sharpe

Theis beinge witnesses

Tho: Storer Scriptor

Edward Smart his marke

Probate 13 June 1635