Sharp George 1634 of Eastwell will and inventory

George Sharpe 1634 of Eastwell Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1634/23

In the name of God Amen the xxviii daye of October 1632 I George Sharpe of Eastwell in the countie of Leicester weaver beinge whole in minde and perfite in memorie thankes be unto God doe write this my laste will and testament for the disposing of my worldlye goods in manner and forme followinge

Firste I bequeath my Soule into the hands of Almightie God my creator & to Jesus Christe my onely Saviour & redeemer by whose merits I hope to be saved and my bodye to be buried whear yt shall please God

Item I give to the Church of Eastwell three shilling foure pence

Ite I give unto Thomas Sharpe my eldest sonne my howse and land at Orson with the apurtenanses their to belonging to hould to hime and his heires for ever after the decease of his mother or at such time as shalbe hearafter expressed

Ite I give unto George Sharpe my second sonne my Cottage howse in … with the apurtenances lately or beinge in the occupation of Starkes to hould to him and his heires for ever after the decease of his mother or as yt shalbe hear after expressed

Ite I give unto Gervas Sharpe my third sonne my Cottage house in … [same word as with George’s legacy] with thapurtenances lately beinge in the occupation of George Bailye to hould to him & his heires for ever after the decease of his mother or as yt shalbe hear after expressed

Ite I give unto John Sharpe my fourte sonne twentie pounds to be putt forth for him when he shall come to Eighteene yeares of age

Ite I give unto Marye Sharpe my Daughter twentie pounds to be putt forth for her when shee shall come to sixteene yeares of age

All the reste of my Goods unbequeathed my debts beinge paid my legases and funerall expences discharged I give unto Marye Sharpe my welbeloved wyfe whome I make and appoynte full executrix of this my laste will and for my howses and lands before expressed and bequethed my minde is that she shall have the Rente of them towards the bringing up of my Children yf shee keepe hir widdow for hir dowrye of that howse at Orson until Thomas my sonn come to the age of Eighteene yeares of age & then he to have halfe of the Rente to goe forward to hime and Richard George & Gervas shall have half the Rent of the rent of theirs when they shall come to Eighteene yeares of age & that Richard the other halfe [about five words illegible interlineation] But and yf their mother doe marrye againe then they shall all three have all the Rente goe forward for them selves to their use

Alsoe I nominate & appoynte my brother Roger Sharpe and my brother Robert Wyseman overseers and gardeners [sic] for my Children and their portions unto they come to lawfull age and for their paines I give them iiis iiiid a peece

In wittness whereof I have hearunto sett my hand and put to my seale the Daye and yeare firste above written and soe the Lord have mercye upon me

                                                                                                         George Sharpe


An Inventory Indented of all the goodes cattell and chattells of George Sharpe late of Eastwell in the County of Leicester Weaver deceased taken and praysed the second daye of June 1634 in the yeare of the Raigne of our Sovraigne Lord Charles by the grace of god of England Scotland France and Ireland Kinge Defender of the Faithe &c the Tenth By Raffe Lyn Roger Sharpe Richard Hely and Robert Wiseman praisers

In the parlor      
Imprimis his purse and his apparel v o o
Item Two beddsteads one chest four cofers three mattresses foureteene      
covrings and blanketts togeather vi o o
Item three bolsters eight pillowes five paire of flaxen sheets five paire of hempen      
sheets six paire of harden sheetes and seaven pillow beares v viiii o
Item sixteene napkins Three bord clothes two [about three words lost in a fold]      
yards of new cloth I xiiii o
Item one ould press one barrell two tubbs one cheese heck two lynnen wheeles      
with other things in the butrey o x o
In the chamber      
Two beddsteades one mattress one ould chest one woollen wheele Two yards      
& a halfe of woollen cloth I xiiii o
One quarter of barley halfe one quarter of wheat & Rye with baken oatemeale      
salt and other things in the chamber iii vi o
In the hall      
One bible with other books o xii o
Two brass potts eight brass pans foure brass candlesticks one skymer & one      
brass ladle iii o o
Ten peuter dishes eight saucers two cupps three saltes one peuter candlestick      
six peuter spoones one chamber pott i o o
One Cubbard one framed table two formes three chayres iii stooles six shelves      
one pen one paire of mustard quernes one chuneh iiii kitts with boules dishes      
kynnells trenchers & one fall table i o o
One fire yron one paire of tonges with hookes & rackins one spit and cobbards      
viii cusins five cheese fatts with other odd ymplements belonginge to the hall o x o
In the shopp three paire of loomes & furniture thereto two loades of Coles with      
other necessary fuell two sithes two hatchets two wimbles with other necessary      
things xiii iiii  
In the barne hay & straw o x o
In the yard iii leathers with other wood there the manure the hovel with the      
board over the hall I vi viii
Item five beastes x o o
Item Ten yewes & lambes v xii vi
Two swine with the hens o xv o
One aker of corne & one aker of meddowe ii o o
Debts owinge to the testator videlt of Thomas Oswin by bond v viii o
Of John Saunderson by bond vii o o
Of John Sharpe by bond x o o
Of Richard Sharpe by bond ii o o
Of James Booth by bond ii o o
Oh Hugh Shiphard by bond iii ix o
Of John Wayte by bond ii o o
Of Willm Mason by bond iii o o
Of Ann Hely by bond v o o

Probate 26 August 1634