Sanderson Francis 1598 of Scalford Will

Francis Sanderson of Scalford 1598 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/219/37

In the name of god amen I Francis Sanderson of Scalford in the countye of Leicester yeoman sicke in bodye but whole in minde and of good and perfect memorye thankes be to god therefore do make and ordeine this my last will and testament in maner and forme followeinge

First I bequeathe my soule to almightie god and my bodye to be buried in the churche of Scalforde aforesaid

Itm I geve and bequeath unto the poore in Scalford vs

Itm I geve unto Kateren my wife Edwarde my eldest sonne Thomas my second sonne Willm my third sonne and the child which now my wife is withall (as yet unborne) (my debts paied and my funerals discharged) all my goods and chattels moveable and unmoveable equallye to be devided amongest them

Itm I will that yf any of my sonnes departe this life before they accomplishe the age of one and twentye yeares, that his or theire porcyons shalbe equally divided amongst the reste of my children then liveinge

Itm I will that yf the child my wife is now withall and unborne be a daughter that then she shall have her portione paied unto her either at the day of her marryage or at the age of one and twenty yeares whichever shall first happen

Itm I will that my children with theire porcions shalbe ordered and disposed by the discretion of my executours and supervisors as they shall thinke moste meete and convenient

Itm I will that Willm Hartop gent and Clement Sanderson my brother shalbe executours of this my last will and testament

Itm I make and ordeine Valentine Hartope gent and Willm Bincks supervisours to this my last will

Thes beinge wittnesses

Valentyne Hartoppe

Willm Bincks

A note of such debts as are oweinge unto me Francis Sanderson

In primis oweinge by Anthonye Brownevi li xiiis iiiid
A note of suche debts as I owe
In primis to Valentine Hartope of Burton Lazers gentxxx li
Itm oweinge unto Willm Poole gentxx li
Itm owinge to Willm Daftexls

Itm oweinge to Edward Holmes for iiii quarter of pease at iis iiid the stricke whereof I have twentye stricke and the reste are to … the money to be payed at Michaelmas nexte comeinge

Probate Leicester 15 August 1598