Rowlett Ralph 1638 of Nether Broughton will

Ralph Rowlett of Nether Broughton 1638 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/249

In the name of god Amen In the yeare of our lord god 1637 and in the vi day of February I Ralffe Rowlett of Nether Broughton in the countie of Leycester beinge syck in body but of good and perfect Remembrance god be thanked I doe ordaine and make this my last will and testament following

Fyrst I committ my Soule to Allmightie god my maker and Redeemer In whom I trust to be saved and my bodie to be buryed in the Church yard of Nether Broughton aforesaid

Imprimis I geve to the poor of Nether Broughton …d

Item my will ys that my Daughter Jaine Wright shall have my bible and Ten shillinges in monie

Item my will ys that my Daughter Parnyll Wynter at Nottingham shall have xs

Item will ys that my Sonne John Wryght shall have all the boards and trasses of both my Chambers and one joyse tree herein in the housse and all my Towles

Item my will ys that my sonne Thomas Wright yf hee be alive shall have xs yf hee dead then yt to be att wyffe Desposing

Item my will ys that Robart Wynter my god sonne shall have one ewe

Item my will ys that Edward Winter sonne of … Winter shall have one ewe

Item my will ys that my Syster An Greene shall have xs

Item all my goods movable and unmovable I geve to my wyffe whom I make my Soule executrix my debts and legacyes discharged

Item I owe unto Edward More of Long Clawson …

                                                                                                         Ralfe Rowlett marke

Probate 11 June 1638