Rouse Richard 1640 of Stathern will and inventory

Richard Rouse of Stathern 1640 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1640/39

Memorandum that upon Saturday the fourth day of July ano dni 1640 or thereabouts in the night time Richard Rowse of Statherne in the county of Leicester being sicke in body but of good and perfect memorie and being in his bed did make or declare his last will and testament nuncupative or by word of mouth in manner and forme as followeth vizt

I bequeath to my wife all my personall estate both moveable and unmoveable and my wife shall have the disposeing of my lands for sixe yeares next after her decease and I hope that thou (meaning and speaking to Dorothy his wife) will have a care of this girle as thou hast beene a mother (meaning and speaking of his kinswoman Selena Burges) All which words or the like in effect the said Richard Rowse with intendinte of making and declaring his will and testament did publiquely speak and declare in the presence of Nicholas Rowse and James Harwood and others


A true and perfect Inventory of all the goods and Chattells of Richard Rowse late of Stathorne gent prized the sixt Day of July Anno Domini 1640

  li s d
Imprimis his purse and apparell 6 0 0
Ittem in the hall 2 tables 4 Chaires six stooles one halbertt with hookes and      
Implements belonging to the fire in the hall 1 0 0
Itt in the first Parlour one bedsted one mattris 2 blancketts one covering one      
rugg 2 Cobberds 1 6 8
Itt in the middell Parlour one bedsted where the maide lye with bedding on it      
and Trunck one ould Chest 1 1 0
Itt I the further Parlour one Chest one ould tabell one Chaire one livery Cobberd 0 10 0
Itt wooll in the Parlour 2 10 0
Itt one basen and ewre one flagon one Candelstick 2 salts 6 spoones one      
porringer 2 sawcers 9 pewter dishes 2 panns one pot scummer one frying pan 1 10 0
Itt 3 table cloeth 9 napkins 5 sheets and tow towells 1 0 0
Itt in the Cheese Chamber 4 pantions 2 butter Potes one Cheesefatt 0 3 0
Itt in the other tow Chambers one bedsted one great tubb 2 wheeles one cheese      
cratch forkes Rake old Ieron one sithe 0 6 8
Itt in the buttry 4 barrills one … 0 6 8
Itt in the Corne Chamber barly malt wheat one try 2 sives 3 scuttels 3 sackes      
one window Cloth 2 6 8
Itt in the Kitching one Cheeseprese one lead with bruing vessell with Rackes and      
Spittes and one strike and other wooden ware 1 13 4
Itt the bees 1 0 0
Itt Cheese and bacon 0 13 4
Itt 2 waines with furniture for one an ould Cart body 2 plowes with some ould      
Geares for Cart and plow 3 6 8
Itt plow timber with some loose wood about the yard with 12 trayes for sheep      
foulding with hovells in the yard 1 0 0
Itt in the Cole howse one payer of quernes and some Cooles there one      
Grindstone 1 0 0
Itt sheep cribs horse … and leathers and tow harrowes 0 13 4
Itt the Crop of Corne on the ground 18 0 0
Itt seaven Cowes 14 0 0
Itt three yearling Calves 2 0 0
Itt one yoke of Oxen 8 0 0
Itt one gelding and a Mare 7 0 0
Itt 3 score and 18 sheep and lambs 10 8 0
Itt 3 shotes one sow and 6 piggs 2 13 4
Itt one hovell of pease 2 6 8
Itt one little gune 0 5 0
Itt owing to him uppon a desperate dept 1 16 8
Itt owing to him more 0 9 0
Itt poultree in the yard 0 3 4
Itt all things not allredy prised or unvalued 0 2 0
                                                                                                        Sum total is 95 15 4

Prized by

Francis Hacker

Nicholas Rowse

John …

Zacharie Travis

Probate 17 July 1640