Robinson John 1639 of Scalford Will

John Robinson of Scalford 1639 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/250/21

March the thirtieth day of Anno dni one thousand six hundred thirtye & nyne John Robinson of Scalford in the Countye of Leicester Clothworker beinge suddenly taken with Mortal sicknes but of good & perfect memory did make his last will before us whose names are underwritten in manner & forme followinge videlicet

Imprimis hee the sayd John Robinson did give to his sonne William Robinson his draught

Item he gave to his grandchilde Susanna Marriott fortye shillinges or a Cowe

Item itt was his will that all the rest of his wordly goods should bee equally devided (his funerall Charges and all his debts whatsoever being first defrayed & defaulked) between the above named William Robinson his sonne & Anne Robinson his daughter they devideing penny for penny and thus much wee can testify

John Bardsey Vic ibid

Robert Kirkby Curat ibid

Probate 28 November 1639


A trew & perfect Inventory of all the Goodes Cattell & Chattels of John Robinson of Scallford in the Countie of Leicester Clothworker deceased taken August the 7th Ao Dom 1639 by

Bartine Hough

Thomas Howett

Inprimis his Purse & Girdle & Apparrell Forty Shillinges200
Item in the Hall one Cubbert one small square table & a table with a Leafe one   
Chaire, one buffit stoole one Gallytree two pott hookes a tostine Iron a payre   
of Tongues, & firepan, & a fire Iron, & a little Cubberd in the Chymney a forme   
& a Settle foure & twenty shillinges & eight pence148
Item in the Parlour one Longe Table with a frame & a forme, one Chaire five   
Cushions a Bedstead a featherbed 2 Pillowes, a Bolster one Coveringe a payre   
of Blanketts, a payre of Sheetes & one Pillowbeare foure Poundes ten shillinges4100
Item an Oake Chest, 3 Sheets, one Hempton, & two hardinge ones, one Table   
cloth, nine Napkins, & one Pillowbeare, one Pound & eight Shillinges180
In the Chambers   
Item in the Chamber over the Parlour a Bedstead a payre of Sheetes a Coveringe   
& a Blanket, a Mattrice, a Pillowe, & a Boulster one Pound100
Item one Chest a Noble068
Item Woole & Yarne fiveteene Shillinges0150
Item a Skep & a Strike of Otemeale foure Shillinges040
Item two flitches of Bacon one pound foure Shill:140
Item 3 Linnen Wheeles & a peele, & one woolen wheele sixe Shill eight pence068
Item a flasket 3 Sives, 2 Skuttels a … & a Shelve foure Shillinges040
Item in the Chamber over the Buttery   
Two Bedsteads, 2 Coverings, 2 Blanketts, 2 Mattrices, 2 payre of Sheets, one   
Bolster one Pillow, one pound ten Shillinges1100
Item in the Buttery one Hogshead & 3 Barrells twelve Shillinges0120
Item a Planke & a well … fourteene Shill:0140
Item in the Kitchinge a Copper a Mastfatt a …fatt a Cooler & the rest of the   
bruinge vessels, two pounds three Shill: foure Pence234
Item 2 Tubs & a kimnell twelve Shill:0120
Item one great Pan & 3 Brasse Panns & one Brasse Pott, & one Iron Pott one   
Pound 3 Shill: 4d134
Item ten Slipings of Linnen ten Shill0100
Item 6 Cowes & a Calfe eighteene Pounds1800
Item 40 Sheepe & 23 Lambs fiveteene Pounds1500
Item a Sow & eight Piggs three Poundes300
Item a Hovell & other wood in the yard one pound100
Item in the Stable one Racke & Manger 4 plough beames & 3 axletrees & planks   
& 2 Load of Coales two Pounds200
Item for milke vessels, Cheesepresse & a Churne & Butter & Cheese three   
Item 6 fence …, & 3 Ship cribs, & 4 hovell posts one pound three Shill130
Item 3 payre of Sheares for a Clothworker, & other thinges belonging to the   
trade, one Pound100
Item 4 pitchforkes, & 2 Rakes three Shill: 4 pence034
Item 2 threegrained forkes, a Shovell & a hopper one Shill eight pence018
Item 4 peeces of Puter, 2 Candlesticks 2 Salts one Bason, one Sawser & Chamber   
pott eleven Shill:0110
Item 4 Strikes of Corne nine Shill:090
Item eight Acres of Wheate, Rye & Barley, & eight Acres of Pease twenty   
Item for Hay Sixe Poundes600
Item 4 draught Cattell, three & twenty Poundes2300
Item for 2 Carts & Cartgeares, & Plough & ploughe geares, & 3 Harrowes &   
other utencels seaven pounds700
Item for old Iron, & utencels for house keeping & other thinges not named   
& forgotten two Shillinges & sixe pence    026
The Summe total is one hundred & three & twenty poundes eighteene   
Shillinges & two pence123182