Robinson Avery 1620 of Long Clawson als Hayfield will

Avery Robinson alias Hayfield of Long Clawson 1620 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, PR/I/242/83

In the name of god Amen Anno dni 1619 This xxiith of February I Avery Robinson Alis Heyfeilde of Claxton in the Countye of Leic yeoman sicke & weake in bodye, but wole of mynd & of good and perfecte remembrance praysed be god, do make & ordeine this my last will & testament in maner and forme followinge

First I bequeath & comende my soule to almightie god the onlye makere and redeemer therof trustinge in him onelye to be savede by a lyvely fayth in Christ Jesus, and my bodye to be buryed in the Church yarde of Langer in the countye of Nottingham Amongste the bones of my Ancestors

Itm I give to the pore people of Claxton vs to be distributed amongst them at the discreation of my executor & the overseears of the poore

Itim I give unto Lawrance Robinsone alis Heyfeilde myne eldest sonne fowere score poundes of lawfull Englishe money if he will rest contented that my will maye stande good to all purposes and the same To be payde at two severall tymes the first at Mychellmase which shalbe in Ann Dni 1621 & the other two whole yeres after that tyme by forty pounds at once & also I give him x Ii more to be payde within one whole yeare next after the decease of my wyfe But if my saide sonne Lawrence shall refuse to rest contented and will strive to recover any parte of my lande Then my will is that all this porcon which I have given him shalbe voyde and that then he shall have for his full porcon but onlye xx li

Itm I give unto Allice my lovinge wyfe all those movable goods which I have remayninge at Langer together also with my whole estate theire which I hold of the Lord Scoope now Lord presedente of Yorke

Itm I give unto Henry Robinson alis Heyfeild my yongest sonne all my freholde in Claxton both in feilde and towne to him and his heires for ever And allso I give unto him all the residue of my goods & chattells unbequeathed after my debts & funerall charges are discharged and I do make the saide Henry my yongeste sonne sole executor of this my last will and Testament

And I do make Thomas Hickline & John Hickline of Claxton aforesaid myne overseears And I do intreate them to do theire best endevors to see all thinges performed accordinge to my trewe meaning And for theire paynes I give them xiid apeece

In witness whereof I have putto my hande & seale the day & yeare first above written

Theis beinge witnesses

[none listed]

Probate 25 April 1620