Read William 1752 of Nether Broughton inventory and administration

William Read of Nether Broughton 1752 Inventory and Administration

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Record 1752

A true Inventory taken the Eighth Day of November Anno Dom 1752 of all the Goods and Chattles of William Read of Neather Broughton in the County of Leicester Miller Deceased by Charles Looe John Hill and Henry Man

  £ s d
Imp: his purse & apparrel 5 5 0
It: In the House one Clock 2 Tables pewter case nine Chairs fire Iron and hooks      
with other small things 2 0 0
It: in the parlour one press one Table one Chest with Drawers four Chairs one      
looking glass 1 1 0
It: Pewter & brass 1 7 0
It: in the Kitchin one Cheese press 15 Trenchers with other materials 0 3 6
It: In the Dary four tubs four Barrels one Form with other small things 1 1 0
It: In the Chambers 2 beds with their furniture Chests four Chairs with other      
goods 2 0 0
It: In the Stable Coals and Offall Wood 0 15 0
It: In the home yard Hay and Oats 2 0 0
It: One Swine hog 1 5 0
It: three Cows and two Calves 7 15 0
It: two Lambs 0 13 0
It: one Gelding 3 0 0
It: hay in the Weelsick Close 4 0 0
It: Wheat and Barley 0 10 0
It: at the Mill one Ax one bar of Iron with other Things 1 0 0
It: for goods undiserned 0 5 0
                                                                                                                         Sum totalis 34 0 6

Praised by Us

Charles Looe

John Hill

Henry Man

Bond, bound Ann Read relict of William Read miller intestate and John Hill butcher of Nether Broughton £140 4 December 1752, condition bound Ann Read to produce inventory and administer estate

                                                                                                         The Mark of Ann Read

                                                                                                         John Hill

On Tuesday the fifth day of December In the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred & fifty Two Ann Read Widow Relict & Administratrix to William Read late of Nether Broughton in the County of Leicester Miller Deceased was sworn before me

                                                                                                         Thomas Myddelton Surrogate