Poyzer George 1902 of Stathern will

George Poyzer of Stathern 1902 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives DE 462/45

This is the last Will and Testament of me George Poyzer of Stathern in the County of Leicester Lace Manufacturer

I bequeath to my Wife Hannah Poyzer the use in her house or residence for the time being in England during her life time all my household furniture plate plated articles linen china glass books pictures prints musical instruments and other effects of a like nature which shall at my death be in or about my then dwellinghouse

I direct that an inventory of the said articles whereof my Wife is to have the use shall be taken at the expense of my estate as soon as convenient after my death two copies of such inventory to be signed by my said Wife of which my Wife shall keep one copy and my Trustees the other And I exonerate my Trustees from all duty and responsibility in respect of the custody of the effects included in the same bequest after delivery to my said Wife of the said furniture and effects until they shall receive actual notice that my said Wife is dead or is resident out of England

And after her death or if and when she shall cease to reside in England I direct that the same furniture chattels and effects shall be sold and the proceeds to arise from such sale shall fall into and form part of my residuary personal estate

I bequeath to each of my Executors hereinafter named who shall prove my Will the sum of Five pounds as an acknowledgement for his trouble in executing the office of Executor of my Will

I devise and bequeath all the real estate and also all personal estate which I can dispose of by Will and which is not hereby otherwise disposed of (including therein any share or interest of mine in any trade or business which at my death I may be carrying on either alone or in conjunction with any partner or partners) unto and to the use of my Trustees hereinafter named Upon trust to sell and convert the same into money in such manner in all respects as they shall think fit and with full power to postpone such sale and conversion so long as they shall think fit and in the meantime to manage my said estate and to grant leases of such parts thereof as may be of the nature of real estate in such manner and for such terms and upon such conditions in all respects as they shall think fit And subject to any articles of partnership subsisting at the time of my decease between myself and any person or persons to carry on or join in carrying on any trade or business (hereinafter referred to as “my said business”) which at my death I may be carrying on either alone or in partnership with any such person or persons as aforesaid and to employ in my said business all or any part of my trust estate And I declare that the actual income of my estate including therein the profits or share of profits which may accrue to my estate in respect of my said business until the same shall be sold and disposed of shall be paid and applied to the person or persons and in the manner to and for which the annual income of the investments representing the same would have been payable and applicable if such sale and conversion as aforesaid had been actually made

And upon further trust to invest the residue of the proceeds of sale and conversion of my estate as aforesaid (after paying the expenses thereof and my debts funeral and testamentary expenses if not then already paid) under the power of investment hereinafter contained and to pay the annual income thereof unto my said Wife during her life And upon her death I direct that as well the capital of my trust estate (including therein the proceeds to arise and be received from the sale of my furniture chattels and effects on the decease of my said Wife or on her ceasing to reside in England as aforesaid as hereinbefore directed) as the annual income thereof and the securities of any investments representing my estate or any part thereof shall be held by my Trustees In trust for and to pay transfer of divide the same unto and equally between my Son William Poyzer of the City of Nottingham Lace Maker and my Daughter Annie Wood the Wife of Edward Wood of the same City joiner in equal shares

And I direct that (subject to the powers and authorities hereinbefore given or conferred to or upon my Trustees in relation to my said business) all moneys hereinbefore directed by me to be invested shall be so invested in the names or under the legal control of my Trustees in any of the Public Stocks or Funds of the United Kingdom or upon security of Freehold Copyhold or Customary hold hereditaments in England or Wales but not in Ireland And I empower my Trustees with the consent of my said Wife during her life if she shall then be residing in England and afterwards at their discretion to vary such investments as aforesaid for any other or others of the kinds prescribed

And I declare that my Trustees shall not be answerable for any accidental omission or want of form in the execution of the trusts aforesaid nor for any loss which may arise from their lending money on mortgage with less than a marketable title nor for any involuntary losses which may occur in executing the trusts of my Will but shall be answerable only for their own respective wilful neglects and defaults in relation thereto

And I also empower my Trustees to investigate arrange and settle all accounts and transactions between me and any present or future partner or his representatives and to wind up all the affairs of any partnership in which my estate may be interested and generally to execute and do all assurances and things which shall appear to them expedient for effecting or facilitating such winding up and also at the risk of my estate to sell any part or parts of my estate embarked in trade at my decease to any person or persons for money or upon credit and to accept such personal or other security and to give such time for payment of the same money or of any other money which shall be owing to me at my decease as they in their discretion may think proper And to exercise the present powers either in connection with or independently of any similar provision for similar objects contained in any partnership deed or articles

And I declare that the power of appointing new Trustees conferred by the Statute shall for the purposes of this my Will be vested in my said Wife during her life she however being resident in England at the time the exercise of such power may become necessary but if not then so resident and on her death the same power shall be vested in my Trustees

I appoint the said Edward Wood and John Woodcock of Nottingham aforesaid Joiner Executors and Trustees of this my will And I declare that the expression “my Trustees” hereinbefore used by me shall be construed as comprising and referring to the Trustees or Trustee for the time being of this my Will

And hereby revoking all former and other Wills and testamentary dispositions by me made I declare this to be my last Will and Testament

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this twenty fourth day of December One thousand eight hundred and ninety seven

                                                                                                         George Poyzer

Signed by the said George Poyzer the Testator as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us both present at the same time who at his request in his presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as Witnesses

Ebenezer Cartwright, Solr Nottm

Ronal Cartwright, his Clerk

On the eleventh day of April 1902 Probate of this Will was granted at Leicester to Edward Wood and John Woodcock the Executors


Died at Stathern 15 January 1902, Edward Wood of the Blue Bell Inn, Robin Hood Street, Nottingham, victualler and John Woodcock of 69 Seymour Street, Nottingham, joiner executors