Porter Thomas 1576 of Long Clawson will and inventory

Thomas Porter of Long Clawson 1576 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1576/63 and there is also a bound probate copy

In the name of god Amen in the year of our lorde god mdlxxvi the ix daye of October in the xviii yeare of the reign of Elyzabethe by the grace of god quene of Englande France and Ierlande defender of the faythe &c witnesseth that I Thomas Porter of Claxton being sycke in body and of good and perfecte remembrance do ordeayne and mayke thys my last wyll and testiment in maner and forme hereinafter following

Fyrste I bequethe my soule to Allmyghtie god my maker and redemer and my body to be buryed in the church yarde of Claxton my paryshe churche

It I bequieth to the pore mans boxe vid

It to Colleton haven iid

It to my Curate for my tythes necligently foregotten yf any suche be iiiid

It I bequithe to my brother Andrew Porter and Roberte Porter A cowe betwyxte them taking the chose of a blacke cowe and A pyde one

It I geve to Edwarde Gye my wyffes sonne a yewe and A hogge

It I bequithe to Ane Gye my wyffes Dawghter A yewe and A hogge

It I bequithe to Jone my wyffe vi shepe

It I bequithe to Rycharde Porter A yewe shepe

It I bequithe to my brother Andrewe Porter and Robarde Porter vii shepe

It I wyll that Wyllyam Hycling and Robartte Caunte do devide all the sayde shepe in too partes at ther dyscritions

It I bequithe to my brother Robartte Porter a cheare

It I bequithe to my wyffe my brother Andrew Porter and Robartte Porter amongste them iii li the Wyche Wyllyam Clarke of Welborne dothe owe me this wytnesses Valentyne Hortoppe of Burton Wyllyam Webster of Thrussington and Jhon Fryman [Freeman]

It Rycharde Lyners dothe owe me xls for A cowe

It Jhon Hyndeman wyffe Dothe owe me xvs the Wyche wyffe John Rosse [?] dyd mary after and he dothe knowe yt witnessing Thomas Johnsone the burger of the lende of yt the Wyche xvs I bequethe unto my wyffe Andrewe Porter and Robartte Porter Amongste them

It Thomas Cooke of Burton dothe owe me iiis iiiid for A colte and a lode of heaye lente

It I bequithe the reste of my goods and cattells unbequithed unto Jone my wyffe whome I ordayne and mayke exequitrix of thys my laste wyll and testiment

It I ordayne and mayke Wyllyam Hicling and Robartte Caunte Supervisors of thys my laste Wyll and testiment and either of them to have xiid

It Thomas Prents [Prentice/Prince?] of Brentingbe dothe owe me a quarter of mawlte

Thes wytnisses Christofer Goodwin Vycar Wyllyam Hycling Robartte Caunte and Thomas Hardall 

This ys the trewe Inventory of all the gudds and cattels of Thomas Porter decessed valued prysed by Wyllyam Hycling Robarth Caunte and Rychard Lyners

Imprimis hys apperell viiis
It iii kye & A heffer iiii l
It xx shepe iii l
It the corne & heaye xxvis viiid
It one swine hogge iiis iiiid
It one weate lande iiis iiiid
It one quarter of mawlte xiis
It one lode of heaye iiis
It of Dette iiis iiiid
It of Dett at Welborne iii l
It of Dett at Melton xvs
It of brasse & puter xviiis
It A cubborde & iii cofers viiis
It all napery ware xvs
It all woden implements vs
                                                         Suma totalis xvi l vs viiid  

Probate 13 November 1576