Petty William 1606 of Harby will and inventory

William Petty of Harby 1606 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/228

In the name of god Amen I William Pettye of Harbye in the county of Leic yeoman sicke in body but of sound and perfect memory god be praysed do make this my last will & testament in manner & forme following

First I bequeath my soule to the hands of my redeemer Jesus Chryste & my body to the earth from whence it came

Ite I bequeath unto Bartholomew Petty my brother one cottage house with a yard to the same cottage adjoining scituate & being in Statherne now in the tenure or occupation of George Dixon And also one halfe oxgange of land with the appurtenances lying & being in the fields of Statherne aforesayd for & during his lyfe naturall And after his decease my will is that William Pettye my eldest sonne shall have the above recyted cottage house with the yarde & halfe oxgange of lande with the appurtenances to the onely use & behoofe of him & his heyres for ever & for want of such issew the remaynder thereof to Anthony Pettye my second sonne & his heyres for ever

Item I give & bequeath to my sayd brother Bartholomew one bedstead one matris one payre of sheetes one blanket one … Coverlet one pillow & one boulster & the best wether sheepe in my flocke

Itm I give & bequeath to my sonne Anthony & his assignes all that my lease of my house & lands in Harby with all & singular the appurtenances which I lately had of the … of Langborough & iiis iiii of money for & in the name of his chyldes parte or portion

Item I give & bequeath to Margaret my wyfe one house with a cloase to the same adioyning now in the tenure or occupation of Robert Brannson & one yard land to the same belonging with the appurtenances for & during her naturall lyfe & my will is that the sayd land shalbe tilled & sowne the first year at the … coste & charges of my executor hearafter to be named

Itm I give & bequeath to my sayd wyfe the halfe of all my household goods except one brewing leade one salting troughe all my brewing vessels two tables in the hall with frames & formes as they now stande all racking … & fyre Irons all which things last before excepted my will is shall remayne & be to the use of William my eldest sonne

Item I give to Mary my daughter wyfe of John Hicklin in full satisfaction of her chylde parte iiis iiiid

Ite I give and bequeath to Mathew Plummer my sonne in law all such somes of money and other reckoning as he in any wyse oweth me

Ite I give to Amye Plummer one of my daughters iiis iiiid for & in the name of her chylde parte or portion & xxs to her children equally to be devyded amongst them

Ite I give & bequeath to Ales Robinson one other of my daughters iiis iiiid for & in the name of her chyldes parte or portions & to her children xxs equally to be devyded amongst them

Ite I give & bequeath to Jane Bysshop one other of my daughters iiis iiiid for & in the name of her chylde parte or portion & xxs to her children equally to be devyded amongst them

Itm I give & bequeath to every one of my god children xiid

Itm I give to my wyfe moreover one cowe to give her milke so long as she lyveth afterwards to be Williams & also those sheepe which are her owne to continew so still

Ite I give & bequeath to Bartholomew Petty my Brother my best wether sheepe whome I make superveysor of this my last will

All the rest of my goods not disposed my debts payd my funerall discharged I give & bequeath to William Petty my eldest sonne whome I make my sole executor willing him to remember the poore at my funerall

Dated the xxxth day of January 1603 In the first year of the raign of our sovraign Lord James by the grace of god king of England France & Ireland defender of the fayth &c

                                                                                                         William Pettye

Debts declared by the said William Petty which are owing him

Imprimis Mr … esquire                                                 iiiil

Itm John Ward                                                               xl viiis xd

John Ward & James Ward                                          iil

Item Richard Caunt the younger                               iiis iiiid

Debts which the sayd William Pettery doth owe

To Bartholomew Petty by brother                            xxviiil


Tho Bysshop

Bartholomew Pettye

Adam Roberts


A trewe full and perfect Invenotrye of all the goodes catalls and Chatells of William Pettye late of Harbye within the Countye of Leycester died possessed and seased of his owne praysed vewed and valued by John Brodell Adam Roberts & Thomas Porter the xviiith daye of June Ao dni 1606 and in the yere of the Raygne of our Soveraygne Lorde James by the grace of god of England, France & Ireland Kynge & the fourth and of Scotland the xxxix as followeth

Imprimis four score sheepe xxiiii li
Itm foure kyne vii li
Itm fowre …ynter beastes v i
Itm two Calves xxvis viiid
Itm foure geldynges and mares xii li
Itm fowre swine & iiii pygges liiis iiiid
Itm Corne sowed & now growynge in the fyldes xx li
Itm grasse growynge in the fylds ls
Itm Corne and malte in & about the house vi li
Itm one Carte & all other husbandrye stuffe iiii li
Itm Tymber hovells stowpes & such other tymbre stuffe within the house xxs
Itm sheetes bedclothes & other lynens in the house xxxs
Itm the moytye of a featherbedde and a mattresse xxs
Itm coverlyddes & blankets to the same belonginge xxs
Itm coffers and chestes xs
Itm fattes kymnells peeles barells and tubes & other wooden ware xxs
Itm the brasse and pewter xxvs
Itm beysse, bacon, butter & cheyse xls
Itm pullery about the house iis vid
Itm quoshynes in the house iis viiid
Itm his apparell xls

Probate 3 July 1606