Pearson Thomas 1564 of Plungar Will

Thomas Pearson of Plungar 1564 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/255/59

In the name of god Amen the xvi daye of Apryll In the yerre of ower lord god mdlxiiii I Thomas Peirsson of Plunggar In the Counte of Lessetur sycke In body butt perfytt of Rememberans dousse make thys my laste wylle and testemente In manar And Form folloyng

Fyrste I be quethe my sowll unto Allmyghty god And my body to be beryyd In the chyrche yarde of Plunggar a fore sayd

Also I geve unto the mother chyrche of Lyngcon iiiid

Also I geve And be quethe unto Issabell Cooke my dowghtar the best perre of flaxon shetys but one And the greatyste Arke In the house

And to Allys Cooke hyr dowghter a chear & the beste pewtar plattar that was hir oone

Also I geve unto Thomas Peirson my sonne xxvis viiid to hys chylds partte to be payd to hym att iii severall days that ys to saye At the Feyste of the puryffycacyon of The blessyd vyrgen Mary nexte Folloying one parte And that daye twelve monethe A nother partte And that daye xii monethe After that the theyrd partte

Also I geve unto Ellyne my wyffe And to John my sunne all my houshold goods that ys a bove the hecke that be longs to the huswyfere that ys unbequethed

Also I wylle that my wyfe schall have the thyrde parte of my goods movabull & un movabull wythe owte the doore

Also I wylle that the other two parts of my goods schall be equaly devydyd unto Rychard Peyrssun my sunne And John Peyrssun my sunne And John Cooke my sunne In lawe baryng the too parts of my shepe shall Remeine unto Richard & Jhon my ii sunnys And Jhon Cooke to have no parte of my shepe

Also I geve unto Alys A b… A shepe hogge

Also I orden and make Rychard Peyrssun my sunne And Jhon Cooke my sunne In lawe my exsecketors of thys my layste wylle An testement for to dyspoys my goods to the tenor hereof as my truste ys In them

Also I make Jhon Blancley supervisor of thys my laste wylle home I do desyer for god sake to see ytt truly performyd And he to have for hys penys taking [no bequest stated]

Thes men being wytnes Jhon Cooke the elder and Jhon Blancley & Rychard Pelle & John Whytyll with other moo

A Invetory of All the goods of Thomas Peyrsunn laytte of Plunggar dyssesyd And presyd by Johon Blancley & John Cooke the Elder And Rychard Pelle & John Whytyl the Fyrste daye of Maye In the yerre of ower lord god mdlxiiii

In pris the … crop … of the grondv li
Itm ii oxon & ii sterysiiii li vis viiid
Itm ii marys & A nolde mare & A fylleyiii li
Itm iii keye & A lyttyl stere & iii cawvysiii li xvis
Itm xxiiii shepexlvis viiid
Itm A sow & iiii pygkysxs
Itm All the pullyn In the yard As hennys duckys and geysiiis iiiid
Itm A wayne And the weyne gerys And the plowe And the plow gerysxls
Itm the hovyll And payllys wythe other woode In the yardexs
Itm All the brasse And pewtar in the houssexs
Itm All the wodwar in the housse As Arkys And lommys bords … wythe suche stuffevis viiid
Itm All the wollyns & lynnygs In the parlarxs
Itm A speyt & the tongks & the pott hucksiis
Itm the cornne In the houssexs
Itm the bacon by the bawkysiiis
Summ totalisxxiii li xiiiis viiid