Payne William 1563 of Harby Will

William Payne of Harby 1563 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/254 page 30

In the name of god Amen the eighthe daye of October and in the yeare of our Lord god 1563 I Wyllim Payne of Harby within the countie of Leicester husbandman beinge syck of bodye but hole and precise of memorie Doe macke my last wyll and Testament in manner and forme followinge

Fyrste I bequeth my [“Soul” missing] unto allmygthy god and my bodye to be buried in my parish church yarde of Harby

Itm I bequeth unto my syster Elyzabethe Pyene vis viiid

Itm I bequeth unto my sonne Wyllim Payne the occupation of one oxgange of land wiche I have in lease the foure laste years con…ed in the sayd lease

Item I besoe unto my Syster Elsabeth one ewe Lambe to be delivered clipyng tyme

Item I besoe my three dauters that ys to wytt Margaret Prudence and Agnes eache of them one ew lambe

Item I besoe unto my sonne Wyllyam Payne the one halfe of my workinge toles

The Resedew of all my goods my dettes legaces and funerall discharged I wyll them to be devyded the one halfe unto my wyffe and the other unto my children

Itm I wyll that yffe anye of my children doe dye that then that parte shall Remaine unto the reste of my children

Itm I do constitute ordene and macke Agnes my wyffe the full executor of this my laste wyll and Testament and Rychard Watsone and Raffe Porter the overseers of my wyffe and children

Thes beyng Wytnesses

Sr Wyllym Heathe Clarke

Rychard Watsonne

Wyllym Dobellday

Raffe Porter