Payne Richard 1532 of Long Clawson will

Richard Payne of Long Clawson 1532 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/251

In dei noie Amen the viii day of September in the yere of our lord god mcccccxxxii I Richarde Payne of Claxton holle of mynd dow make my testament & last wylle as after folowythe

Fyrst I bequethe my sowle to Almyghte gode & to owre lady sent mare and to all the holy compeny of heyvyne & my body to be beryd in the churche yard of Claxton

Also I bequethe to our lade of Lincoln iiiid

Itm I bequethe to the hey alter xvid

Itm I bequethe to the sepuchare a ewe

Itm to the grey frears a weder

Itm I bequethe to B Wyllm Newarke viiid

Itm I bequethe to Claxton church iis

Itm to Hyklyng church iid

Itm I bequethe to Thomas Pyne a ewe & a lame

Itm I bequethe to Rychard Hyklyng a cowe & blew jakytt

Itm to Roberd Pyne a weylett jakett

Itm I bequeth to Elesabeth my syster vi sheppe

Itm to Robard Mowre a sheppe

Itm to Wyllm Byard a shepp

Itm to Johane Gye a sheppe

Itm John Bell ii sheppe

Itm I bequethe to Thomas Pyne the … of my one gudds yf he lyffe vi copull of sehppe & a yoke of bolloks & ii quarter of barle & yff he dye I wyll that they reymyne to my wyff

Itm I bequethe to B Thomas my … halffe a trentall & to B Willm Mowre my broder halffe a trentall

Itm I bequethe to Elesabeth my wyffe ii oxsen & my sterys & a horse & a mere & plowe & a cart with all that pertenyght there to

The resydewe of my gudds movebale & one movabale not gyffwyne nor bequethyd I wyll that it reymyne to my exsecutors my wyffe & B Willm Mowre to dispose them for the helthe of my sowll & Mayster Wyeare to be supvysor of my wyll

Thes be wyttes Richard Mowre & Willm Housse with other moo