Outhwaite Houthwaite family

Please note: Family pages are organised by surname; however, this does not mean that all those people featured are related to each other. Where possible we will try to be clear about any connections there may be.

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In the News (Hickling):

  • In 1895 Master W Outhwaite sang ‘Darkness and Light’ at a village entertainment with Mr and Mrs Outhwaite reciting ‘The Pied Piper’ and Mrs Outhwaite singing a number of other songs including ‘God Save the Queen’ at the end of the evening.
  • Also in 1895, W Outhwaite was part of a group who sang ‘Don’t You Know the Reason Why?’ at a Shrove Tuesday entertainment. All performers were given an orange and a packet of sweets by Mr & Mrs Simpson.
  • In August 1895, Mrs Outhwaite sang at the Harvest Thanksgiving. She also sang the solo in church on Christmas Day in 1895 (it was originally reported wrongly and corrected in January).
  • In February 1896 W Outhwaite sings in a group, ‘Whither Pilgrims are you Going?’ and then, ‘The Social Glass’ at a Tea and Entertainment.
  • In September 1897 at the Harvest Thanksgiving; “The anthem was Caleb Simper’s ‘I Will feed my Flock’ the solo being rendered in good style by Mr Outhwaite.” with Mrs Outhwaite contributing to the flower arrangements.
  • In February 1898 the family contributes to a concert at the Board School put on by the Hickling Glee Club; Master Outhwaite sings ‘The Wreath’ in a trio, Mr & Mrs Outhwaite sing a “humorous duet, ‘Money Matters’ “.
  • Also in February 1898 there is a Meat Tea and Entertainment; Mr and Mrs Outhwaite sang a duet, ‘Reuben and Rachel’ and Mr Outhwaite sang, ‘The Dutchman’s Dog’.
  • In August 1900 Mr N Outhwaite is an official of the Horticultural Show and Mrs Outhwaite helps with the teas.
  • At the Easter Vestry Meeting in April 1901 George Faulks and Nelson Outhwaite are appointed lay representatives to the South Bingham Ruri-decanal Conference.
  • In October 1901 Mrs Outhwaite helps with the flowers at the Harvest Festival.
  • In January 1902 a Service of Praise was held with Mr Outhwaite singing an anthem, ‘Lord God of Abraham’.
  • In February 1903, at a Shrove Tuesday Concert, Mr Outhwaite sang, ‘The Three Beggars’ and ‘The British Boys’, he also sang in a quartet, ‘Softly Fall the Shades of Evening’.
  • In September 1903 Mr N Outhwaite and Miss P Harriman took the solos at The Harvest Thanksgiving.
  • At the Easter Vestry Meeting in April 1904 George Faulks and Nelson Outhwaite are re-elected as lay representatives to the South Bingham Ruri-decanal Conference for 3 years.
  • In September 1904 Mr N Outhwaite sang the anthem Fear Not O Land ‘with good effect’ at the Harvest Thanksgiving. Similarly, in 1905 he sang the anthem, ‘Ye Shall Dwell in the Land’.
  • In March 1906 at the Shrove Tuesday entertainment, Mr Outhwaite sang, ‘The Slave’s Dream’ and ‘The Veteran’s Song’ and Mr & Mrs Outhwaite sang, ‘Money Matters’.

Nelson Outhwaite – timeline:

Birth records (1851-4):

  • There are no confirmed birth records for Nelson Outhwaite in Yorkshire around the correct dates.
    • There is a record for; Male Outhwaite Q3 1851, Bradford
    • There is a birth record for Nelson Outhwaite’s brother – Thomas William Outhwaite Q1 1853, Bradford, mother’s maiden name, Nelson.
    • Also, Nelson’s sister – Annie Outhwaite Q2 1854, Bradford, mother’s maiden name, Nelson.

Childhood events.

It appears that Nelson Outhwaite’s childhood would have been a time of change and disruption; without knowing more about the character of his father it is impossible to speculate about the security and happiness of his upbringing but it was certainly eventful.

The gravestone of Nelson Outhwaite’s mother in Bradford. She died in 1856 when Nelson Outhwaite was about five years old. His father married at least four times, in all—surviving each of his wives.

By the time he was 19:

  • In 1851 (at the time of his birth) his father is a chemist and druggist in Bradford with two apprentices and a house servant.
  • Nelson Outhwaite’s mother died in August 1856 when he was about five years old.
    • Possible birth record for Sarah Ann Nelson; born January 20th 1825, baptised St. John, Halifax 14th February 1825. Father, Anthony Nelson (corn dealer) mother, Isabella – confirmed by 1861 census returns.
    • Sarah Ann Nelson married William Thomas Outhwaite in Halifax – Q4 1850; her maiden name is the likely source of Nelson Outhwaite’s Christian name:
  • In 1857, his father is gaoled for debt; his father is described as an assistant chemist at this time.
  • In 1858, his father re-marries in Bradford.
  • Sometime between 1858 and 1860 the family relocate to Burton-on-Trent where his father continues to work as a chemist and where three half-brothers are born.
  • In 1861 Nelson Outhwaite is recorded visiting his maternal aunt in Manchester accompanying his maternal grandmother; five years after his mother’s death this appears to indicate that the connection with his mother’s family had continued.
  • Nelson’s father’s second wife, Harriet, dies Q4 1868 in Burton-upon-Trent; she is age 44 (born 1824).
  • At some point between 1868 and 1871 his father marries for a third time; his third wife is recorded as being born in Yorkshire but the family are living in Burton-upon-Trent.

(See William Thomas Outhwaite, below)

Given the chaotic appearance of his childhood years and the size of his immediate and extended family, it would be useful to research his mother’s family, his siblings and half-siblings to gain an idea of whether they maintained much contact with each other and whether there is a link to explain Nelson Outhwaite’s arrival in Hickling with his family.

Census 1861:

  • Nelson Outhwaite (mis-transcribed as Onthwaite) is recorded in the household of his maternal aunt and in the company of his maternal grandmother.
  • Wellington Place, Kirkmanshulme Newton, Manchester:
    • James Hulme, Head, age 36 (1825), salesman silk – born Salford
    • Elizabeth Hulme, wife, age 32, (1829 – born Halifax
    • Henry N Hulme, son, age 5, (1856) – born Newton, Lancs
    • Kate Hulme, daughter, age 0 (1861) – born Newton, Lancs
    • Isabella Nelson, wife’s mother, age 60 (1801, widow – born Halifax
    • Nelson Outhwaite, visitor, age 9 (1852) – born Bradford
    • Ann Wainwright, age 15 (1846), servant – born Manchester
    • Maria Riley, age 18 (1843), servant – born Leeds

Census 1871:

  • The 1871 Census records Nelson Outhwaite in Burton-on-Trent in his father’s household (William Thomas and his wife, Elizabeth) and his two younger siblings (Thomas William and Annie); all members of the family are ‘born in Yorkshire’. 3 half-siblings are born in Staffs. Nelson is listed as working in a brewery and his father is a chemist:
    • William Thomas Outhwaite, age 47 (1824), chemist – born Leeds, Yorkshire
    • Elizabeth, age 47 (1824) – born [Plompton], Yorks (second wife)
    • Nelson, age 19 (1852), labourer in brewery – born Bradford, Yorks
    • Thomas William, age 18 (1853), clerk in brewery – born Bradford, Yorks
    • Annie, age 16 (1855), dressmaker – born Bradford, Yorks
    • Walter age 11 (1860) – born Staffs
    • Samuel Priestley age 9 (1862) – born Staffs (note seems to read; ‘paralysed hand’)
    • William [Gemmall/Gomersall] age 8 (1863) – born Staffs

Marriage records in 1877:

  • Banns were read between Nelson Outhwaite and Emma Eliza Perks on 9th September 1877 in Burton-on-Trent. Nelson is said to be a resident of Christ Church, Burton-on-Trent and Emma is resident at Holy Trinity, Nottingham.
  • They married at Holy Trinity in Nottingham on 25th September 1877.
  • Possible birth record for Emma Perks in Warwick District Q3 1853; mother’s maiden name Chatten.

Census 1881:

  • No record found, although the family are likely to be living in Burton-upon-Trent.
  • Nelson Outhwaite’s father (and family) continues to be listed in Burton Extra – see his records, below.

Children/birth records:

  • Birth record for Walter Thomas Outhwaite; Q2 1883 (Burton-on-Trent), mother’s maiden name, Perks.
  • However; the 1911 census records that Emma Outhwaite had 3 children (two alive and one dead), Walter’s is the only record found, to date.
    • a search of births with the surname Outhwaite in Burton-upon-Trent in this period only produced one possible record:
      • Bertie Outhwaite born Q2 1878 and died Q3 1878 – no parental details recorded.

Census 1891 (Queen St. Burton Extra, Burton-on-Trent):

  • Nelson Outhwaite, age 39, 1852, Brewer’s Labourer – born Bradford, Yorkshire
  • Emma E Outhwaite, age 37, 1854 – born Leamington, Warwickshire
  • Walter T Outhwaite, age 7, 1884, scholar – born Burton-on-Trent

Census 1901 (Hickling Village):

  • Nelson Outhwaite, age 49, 1852, Parish Clerk – born Bradford, Yorkshire
  • Emma Outhwaite, age 47, 1854 – born Leamington, Warkwickshire
  • this entry is next to the Magson family and William & Betsy (Wharf) Collishaw which is likely to place them at Old Mill Cottage (then known as Virginia Cottage)

Census 1901 (109, Robin Hood’s Chase, Nottingham):

  • Joseph Ash, age 28, 1873, coach builder – born Macclesfield, Cheshire
  • Frances E Ash, age 22, 1879 – born Oxfordshire
  • Walter Outhwaite, nephew, age 17, 1884, coach builder – born Burton, Staffs

Death Record: Mr Nelson Outhwaite Q3 1909 (Bingham District) – see, below. It doesn’t appear that he was buried in Hickling – no record found.

Census 1911 (2, Caversham Rd. St Pancras, London):

  • Walter Outhwaite, single, age 27, 1884, Vocalist – born Burton-on-Trent
  • Emma Outhwaite, widow, age 57, 1854 – born Leamington (she is recorded as having had 3 children born alive, two are living and one has died; however, this is scored through in blue).
    • Possible death record in Nottingham in 1918; Emma E Outhwaite, age 64 Q2.
  • Emma Ash, visitor, single, 30, 1881, Maternity Nurse – born Nottingham
    • perhaps related to the Ash family that Walter lodged with in 1901
  • Albert White, boarder, single, age 26, 1885, Vocalist – born Birmingham
  • After the death of Nelson Outhwaite in 1909, his widow Emma has moved to be with her son in London. Most of the records for the family during their short time in Hickling report them singing and it is interesting to find Walter listed as a ‘vocalist’.

1939 Register (24, Church Drive, Harrow, Middlesex):

  • Walter Outhwaite, born 3rd May 1883, Musical Artist Singer,
  • Marian Outhwaite, born 15th November 1895, Teacher

Walter T Outhwaite died in Q4 1954 (age 71) in Harrow, Middlesex.

  • Possible record – he left London and travelled to Bombay on the 31st December 1920 on the Kaiser I Hind; he is listed as an actor. The passenger list shows that he was travelling with a large company of actors and singers.
  • Marriage record: to Marion Maplethorpe in Nottingham Q2 1924.

The Tragic Death of Nelson Outhwaite (July 1909)

Notts Sexton’s Suicide

Hickling Man Found Dead in an Outhouse

A painful discovery was made about 8.30 yesterday morning when the dead body of Nelson Outhwaite, the parish clerk and sexton of St. Luke’s Hickling, who was 58 years of age, was found hanging in an outhouse at the rear of his dwelling, Virginia Cottage, Hickling.

An inquiry into the circumstances attending the death was held at the Hickling Institute yesterday afternoon by Mr D Whittingham, the Nottingham District Coroner.

Walter Thomas Outhwaite, the son, who resides at Mapperley Plains, Nottingham, stated his father had been parish clerk and Sexton at Hickling for many years. He last saw him alive about five weeks ago. His mother had been to see witness in Nottingham on several occasions, and a week ago went with the intention of bringing her mother, who was old and in ill-health back to Hickling. Deceased had written to his wife telling her that he expected her home that day. He had not been well for some time, and had told him on one occasion that he did not like being left alone.

William Collishaw, of Hickling, told the jury that he had known the deceased well. He held a conversation with him for close upon a quarter of an hour on Thursday afternoon, when deceased seemed a little unsettled, and remarked that it was unfortunate his wife being away from home. He then added, “It will soon be ended.” When witness heard deceased was not up at 8.30 that morning he went with the boy who brought up the newspapers, knocked at the door of the cottage and hen, getting no answer, he went round to the back and found deceased hanging by a rope fastened round the throat. The body was cut down by Police Constable Jackson, and life was found to be extinct.

Mrs Ruth Muncks stated that Mr Outhwaite came across to her house at 9.30 the previous evening, and asked for her boy to go for the papers at the station in the morning. He seemed very depressed and complained of a pain at the heart. She provided him with some refreshment, and allowed him to rest for a short while.

The jury returned a verdict of “Suicide whilst of unsound mind.”

Nottingham Journal 10th July 1909.

The same article appeared in the Grantham Journal 10th July 1909 with the headlines – Tragedy at Hickling, Village Sexton Hangs Himself.

William Thomas Outhwaite (father of Nelson Outhwaite) & his wider family:

We began researching the Outhwaite family starting from the sad death of Nelson Outhwaite in Hickling in 1909. Having looked into Nelson’s time in Hickling and his own family we then looked back to see what we could find about his childhood and origins.

It quickly emerged that his father appears to have been an interesting character. Nelson Outhwaite was his father’s eldest son from his first marriage but Nelson’s mother died when he was five leaving his father a widower with 3 young children. At least three more marriages followed with a total of 10 known children (9 surviving into childhood) – research significantly helped by his habit of using his wives’ maiden names for his children.

William Thomas Outhwaite was born out of wedlock in Leeds in 1822 and he was a chemist and druggist by profession. In the 1851 census he has his own business in Bradford with two apprentices; however, in 1857 (two years after the death of his first wife) he is described as a chemist’s assistant and he appears to have been gaoled in York for debts. Relocation to Burton-upon-Trent followed and two further marriages and a change of profession from chemist to brewer.

(at one point news reports of a bigamous marriage & assault appeared to involve him but this almost certainly refers to a different, slightly younger, William Thomas Outhwaite)

It would seem that William Thomas Outhwaite (father of Nelson) married at least four times; however, it hasn’t been possible to confirm all records:

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Additional information:

W0428a Pageant - Widmerpool Hall grounds 1908
W0428a Pageant – Widmerpool Hall grounds 1908; Mr Nelson Outhwaite is likely to be pictured second from the right on the back row.

This gallery is from the Wadkin Archives

In 1909; “August 1909: Mr Nelson Outhwaite aged 58 years was found hanging in an outhouse of his home Virginia Cottage. House end to road opposite Wharf House.” (H Wadkin; Scrapbook of Hickling)