Orson William 1831 of Harby will and inventory

William Orson of Harby 1831 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1831/125

This is the last Will and Testament of me William Orson of Harby Leicestershire Farmer as follows

I give to my dear Wife Ann Orson the linen and silver table & Tea spoons which she possessed prior to our Marriage for her own use

Also I give to her (in case she survives me) the Enjoyment for her life of my Household Goods and Furniture Also of my Gig and a Horse the latter to be provided by my Nephew John Orson Junr the Younger during the life of my said Wife Subject nevertheless to the life Annuity of Two hundred pounds and the occupation of my now dwelling house secured to her by our Marriage Settlement

And at the decease of my said wife in case she should survive me if not at my own decease I dispose of my real estate as follows

I devise unto my said Nephew John Orson the Younger his Heirs and Assigns for ever All my Messuage lands and hereditaments at Harby Hose and Long Clawson in Leicestershire with their appurtenances

I devise all my land & Hereditaments at Dalby on the Wolds in Leicestershire unto my two Nephews Robert Orson and James Orson their heirs & assigns for ever as Tenants in Common but should either of them happen to die before coming into possession thereof without leaving Issue surviving then I devise the moiety and Interest of him so dying unto Survivor his Heirs & Assigns Nevertheless I charge such last devised Hereditaments with the payment of One thousand pounds to my Nephew William Orson and seven hundred pounds to my Nephew Francis Orson within twelve months after Robert and James or either of them come unto possession

And should William or Francis happen to die before the receipt of their said Legacies the same to be paid to their Children equally or Child if but one – if no issue to go and be paid to the Survivor

I bequeath all my Personalty unto my said Nephew John Orson Junr absolutely Subject nevertheless to the payment of three thousand five hundred pounds in six Months after my Death due on my Bond to the Trustees of my said wife As well to the payment of the Mortgage and other Debts I may owe at my decease And also to the payment of the three following Legacies viz

Seven hundred pounds to my Niece Harriet Flower Seven hundred pounds to my Niece Mary Ann Wakefield and Seven hundred pounds to my niece Eliza Cowley the same Legacies to by discharged within twelve Months after my wifes decease

And should any of my said Nieces die before receiving such Legacy the same to be paid to and among her Issue if none to go and be paid to the Surviving Nieces or Niece

But in case my personal Estates should prove insufficient to pay such Debts and Legacies then I charge the deficiency upon the Hereditaments so devised to my Nephew John Orson Junr

I appoint my said Nephew John Orson the Younger sole Executor of this my will

In Witness whereof I have hereto set my Hand and seal the first day of February one thousand eight hundred and thirty

                                                                                                         William Orson

Signed sealed & published by the said Wm Orson as his last Will & Testament in the presence of us who in his presence have hereto set our names as witnesses

Henry Bonser

Thomas Baguley

Chas H Clarke


A true and full and perfect Inventory of All and singular the goods Chattels and Credits of William Orson late of Harby in the County and Archdeaconry of Leicester Farmer deceased which since his death have come to the hands possession or knowledge of John Orson the Younger of Harby aforesaid Farmer and Grazer the sole Executrix of the said deceased as follows (to wit)

  £ s d
This Exhibitant saith that the Household Goods and Furniture of the said      
deceased have been valued by a competent person at the sum of 144 18 7
Plate, Linen, Glass, China and Books 52 2
Wearing Apparel 4 4
Horse and Gig 35
Live dead farming Stock 158 12 6
                                                                                                                                      £ 394 17 1

The Exhibitant saith that the deceased had various Sums owing to him at his

death on notes amounting altogether within the Diocese of Lincoln to the

Sum of                                                                                                                                      720

Loughborough 3rd Feby 1831

Let a Probate be made to John Orson the younger of Harby in the County of Leicester Farmer and Grazier the sole Executor of the within named Testator William Orson

He having been first duly sworn as well to the faithful execution of the Will as that The Testators Goods Chattels and Credits and they were at his death without deducting any thing on account of debts owing by him therefrom are under the Value of One thousand and five hundred Pounds

                                                                                                         Before me Tho: Stevenson Surr: to the Commy

Same Day Probate Passed the Seal signed by John Stockdale Hardy, Actuary & Depy Registrar

Deced died on the 20th August last