Old Mill Cottage/Ivy Cottage/Virginia Cottage: 1885 Conveyance.

1885 Conveyance.


Old Mill Cottage: 1885 conveyance
Old Mill Cottage: 1885 conveyance
  • Mary Ann Wiles sells the property to Betsy Collishaw ‘in fee simple’ for the sum of £59 (less than the £70 value of the previous mortgage).
    • Mary Ann Wiles is resident in the property at the time of the conveyance but she is recorded as formerly resident when the land tax is paid in June 1885.
  • Further research is needed into the branches of the Collishaw family; see the notes attached to the 1885 Land Tax Form for some details of the involved individuals.
  • Mary Ann Wiles was still alive in 1885; she would die 3 years later in 1888. She was unmarried and without children of her own although there were surviving members of the wider Wiles family in Hickling at this time.
    • Census 1881; she still appears to be recorded here as a sole occupant (unmarried, age 55). Her record is immediately followed by the household of John Magson (tailor) which is likely to place her still at ‘Old Mill Cottage’ (see property boundary descriptions).
    • No probate records have been found for the Estate of Mary Ann Wiles.
    • Mary Ann Wiles – see notes 1861 transfer of mortgage
    • She passes ownership of the property on to Betsy Collishaw in 1885.



  1. Dated 3rd January 1885
  2. Miss MA Wiles
  3. To
  4. Mrs B Collishaw
  5. Conveyance of a
  6. Messuage or dwelling house and
  7. Hereditaments in the County of Nottingham
  8. 7/6 Marriott

Indenture: conveyance 1885

Page one.

  1. This Indenture
  2. Made the third day of January
  3. One thousand eight hundred and eighty
  4. five between Mary Ann Wiles of Hickling in the
  5. County of Nottingham spinster of the one part and Betsy Collishaw
  6. Wife of William Collishaw of Hickling aforesaid farmer of the other part
  7. Whereas by an Indenture dated the twenty eighth day of July
  8. One thousand eight hundred and thirty eight and made between John
  9. Marson and Mary his wife of the first part Ann Wright of the
  10. second part William Wiles and Elizabeth his wife of the third part the said
  11. Wiliam Wiles of the fourth part and Joseph Barnett of the fifth
  12. part the hereditaments hereinafter described were granted and released
  13. unto and to the use of the said Joseph Barnett his heirs and assigns
  14. for ever subject to a proviso therein contained for redemption of the said
  15. hereditaments on payment by the said William Wiles his heirs
  16. executors administrators or assigns and the said Joseph Barnett
  17. of the sum of seventy pounds and interest thereon after the rate of
  18. five pounds per centum per annum on the twenty eight day of
  19. January then next. And by the Indenture now in recital it was
  20. declared that it should be lawful for the said Joseph Barnett his
  21. executors administrators or assigns without any further consent or
  22. concurrence of the said William Wiles his heirs or assigns to
  23. make sale and absolutely dispose of the said hereditaments thereby
  24. released or intended so to be with the appurtenances and the
  25. fee simple and inheritance thereof by public auction or private
  26. contract and for such price or prices are at the time of such
  27. sale or sales could be reasonably gotten for the same and to
  28. receive and take the purchase money for the said hereditaments
  29. and premises and sign and give receipts for the same which receipts
  30. should to all intents discharge the person or persons paying the
  31. money therein expressed to be received from all liability to
  32. see to the application and all responsibility for or on account
  33. of the misapplication or nonapplication of the same money
  34. or any part thereof and from all necessity of ascertaining
  35. or enquiring whether such sale or sales was or were
  36. necessary And whereas by an Indenture dated the

Page two.

  1. Tenth day of April one thousand eight hundred and
  2. sixty one and made between the said Joseph Barnett of
  3. the one part and the said Mary Ann Wiles of the other
  4. part after reciting that the said sum of seventy pounds
  5. together with two pounds and nine shillings for
  6. interest thereon and five pounds and three shillings
  7. for costs was then owing to the said Joseph Barnett
  8. on the thereinbefore and hereinbefore recited security
  9. It was witnessed that the said Joseph Barnett in
  10. consideration of the sum of seventy seven pounds
  11. and twelve shillings paid to him by the said Mary
  12. Ann Wiles did assign the said sum of seventy pounds
  13. then owing on the security of the hereinbefore recited
  14. Indenture and all interest then due and thenceforth
  15. to accrue due for the same unto the said Mary Ann
  16. Wiles her executors administrators and assigns absolutely
  17. and did grant and convert the hereditaments
  18. in the hereinbefore recited indenture unto and to the use
  19. of the said Mary Ann Wiles her heirs and assigns
  20. subject to the equity of redemption subsisting therein under
  21. or by virtue of the hereinbefore recited indenture And Whereas
  22. the said principal sum of seventy seven pounds and twelve
  23. shillings is still owing to the said Mary Ann Wiles upon
  24. the security of the hereinbefore recited Indentures but all interest
  25. thereon has been paid up to the date of these presents
  26. And Whereas pursuant to the said power for this
  27. purpose contained in the hereinbefore recited Indentures the
  28. said Mary Ann Wiles has agreed to sell to the said Betsy
  29. Collishaw the hereditaments hereinafter described and
  30. intended to be hereby conveyed at the price of
  31. fifty nine pounds Now This Indenture Witnesseth
  32. that in consideration of the sum of fifty nine pounds to the
  33. said Mary Ann Wiles paid by the said Betsy Collishaw
  34. the receipt whereof the said Mary Ann Wiles hereby
  35. acknowledges the said Mary Ann Wiles as mortgagee

Page three:

  1. hereby conveys unto the said Betsy Collishaw All that
  2. messuage or tenement with the outbuildings yard garden
  3. and appurtenances thereunto adjoining and belonging
  4. situate standing and being at Hickling aforesaid containing
  5. by estimation four hundred square yards
  6. or thereabouts formerly in the tenure or occupation of the
  7. said William Wiles and now of the said Mary Ann Wiles
  8. and bounded towards the East by the Town Street towards
  9. the North and West by premises of George Henry Collishaw
  10. and towards the South by premises of John Magson
  11. To hold the same unto and to the use of
  12. the said Betsy Collishaw in fee simple In Witness whereof
  13. the said parties to these presents have hereunto set
  14. their hands and seals the day and year first
  15. before written
  16. Signed Sealed and                        }
  17. Delivered by the before named  }            Mary Ann Wiles
  18. Mary Ann Wiles in the presence }
  19. John Magson
  20. Tailor & Draper
  21. Hickling