Old Mill Cottage/Ivy Cottage/Virginia Cottage: 1838 – Abstract from Parish Registers.

Following the death of Susannah Dickman in January 1838 a number of transactions take place in settlement of the Estate:

  • 1838: abstract from Parish Registers.
  • 1838: attornment – William Wiles to Joseph Barnett.
  • 1838: declaration.
  • 1838: lease document (27th July 1838).
  • 1838 mortgage document (28th July 1838).
  • 1838: insurance agreement document (28th July 1838).

1838: Abstract from Parish Registers.


Banns of marriage.

No.94 John Dickman bachelor of this Parish and Susannah Holt spinster of the Parish of Long Clawson were married in this Church by Banns this 23rd Day of November in the year one thousand seven hundred and eighty nine by me Benjamin Tinley curate.

This marriage was solemnized between us in the presence of

Hugh Sutton

Old Mill Cottage: 1838 abstract – Parish Registers
Old Mill Cottage: 1838 abstract – Parish Registers

Joseph Hardy (his mark)

John Dickman

Susannah Holt (her mark)

1790 Baptism

September 25th Elizabeth daughter of John and Susannah Dickman

1794 Baptism

June 1st Mary daughter of John and Susannah Dickman

1800 Baptism

January 29th Ann daughter of John and Susannah Dickman

1820 Burial

No.79 John Dickman Hickling 14th March 1820 58 years [J.] Thos. Jordan Rector

1838 Burial

No.268 Susannah Dickman Hickling 14th January 74 years Edward Anderson

The above being a true extract copied this 23rd day of July 1838 from the Register at Hickling by me Henry Henson in the presence of

Anne Anderson

Wife of the present Rector, he being gone a journey into Scotland.

Robert Hardy Churchwarden.