Nuttall James 1600 of Nether Broughton alias Philip Lowe Will

James Nottall alias Philip Lowe of Nether Broughton 1600 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/221/108

In dei noie amen the Twentie Day of Apryll 1600 Ao Regni dne me Elizabethe dei gra Anglie Francie et Hibine Rna fidei defensh &c Quadragesimo Secundo I James Nottall also Phillip Lowe of Nether Broughton in the countie of Leicester Laborer sycke in bodye but whole in mynde doe Constytute ordayne & make this my Laste Will & testament in maner and forme folowinge viz

Firste & principally I doe yelde and bequethe my soule into the hands of almyghtie god my maker & Trustinge that he will except it & receve it unto hym selfe and place it Amongst the number of his holye Angles and blessed saints not for any worthynes that is in me, But for the Worthynes of Christe Jesus his sonne my onlye redemer and savior And as for my bodye I doe Comende it to the ground from whence it Cam Trustinge Lykewyse that my Lorde and Savior will rayse it upp at the Laste Daye and make it Licke in all poynts unto his gloryfied bodye willing that it maye be buryed within the Churche yarde of Nether Broughton

First I geve & bequethe to the Churche of Nether Broughton xiid

Itam I geve and bequethe to Dorrithy Nottall alis Lowe my sonnes Dayghter xxvs

Itam I geve and bequethe to my Daughter in Lawe beinge nowe with Chyld yf it please god it do Lyve xxs And yf it please god to take it out of this lyfe Naturall Then that xxs to Remayne to the other three Chyldren of my Sonne Charles Nottall also Lowe

Itam I geve and bequethe to my Daughter Elizabethe Cam xiid

Item I geve and bequethe to my Daughter Elizabethe Cames Children fortie shillings

Itam I geve and bequethe to my Wyfe Ales Nottal alis Low the third parte of the goods that is … to be mine

Itam I geve and bequethe to Jone Nottall alis Low my Sonnes Daughter one Cowe

Itam I geve & bequethe to Ales Nottall als Low my Sonnes Daughter one heffer

Also I doe make my Sonne Charles Nottall alis Low my full & solle executor of this my Laste Will & testament forfutynge all other Willes heere to fore

Also I will that the goods which is myne shall not be devided so longe as my Wyfe & my Sonne Lyvethe And my Wyfe to have the government of my goods so Longe as she Lyves

Debts owinge to the testator

John Smythe of Nether Broughton vii li

John Smyth … me more xxs

These beinge Witnesses

Rayfe Wright

Rychard Wright

Willm Wright

Rychard Symson


A trew Inventory of all the goods and Cattell of James Nottall alis Phillip Low of Nether Broughton in the Countie of Leicester Laborer Deseased Praysed by Raphe Wright Rychard Wright Henry Browne and Andrew Wright the xxxti day of Apryll in the yeare of our Lorde god 1600 viz

Imprimis his Purse & his apparrill xiiis iiiid
Itam one Panne ii kettles ii potts xxxiiis iiiid
Itam xix peces of Pewter a Salte A Chafindishe & iii Candelstickes xiiis iiiid
Itam one pare of flaxon sheits ii pare of hempen Cloth ii pare of harden sheits iii napkins  
ii pillows with a bord Clothe xxviiis
Itam ii matresses iii Coverlets iii blanckets ii pillowes iii boulsters xxxs
Itam vi Cushings iis
It ii bedsteeds iii Coffers viiis
It one Ambry ii Cheeres one borde one forme one penne and kytt viis
It the haye all the wood about the yard one Leather xxvis viiid
It iii kyne & a Calfe v li vis viiid
It xii sheep xls
It one Coke & iii hennes xvid
It one Lease x li
Debts owinge to hym viii li
                                                                    Suma totals xxxiii li ixs viiid  

Probate 1 October 1600