Navigation Inn

The Navigation

(built in 1804)

W1307a Canal, Basin & Bridge (dates?)
W1307a Canal, Basin & Bridge (dates?)

Descriptions of the Navigation Inn in the Wadkin archives include details of the (now) gardens of the Navigation acting as a second Wharf for the canal and the stables being used for the canal boat horses and ‘navvies’.

1844 - 1872?Mr J ShipmanAfter his death his widow, Hannah Shipman, continued – at some point she was joined by their son, Charles Shipman (perhaps around 1864). They were predominantly farmers. Listings refer to Hannah and Charles Shipman at least until 1872.
1873WY Spriggs(referenced here in March 1873; no precise detail)
1877Mr John Glover(referenced here in September 1877; no precise detail)
1879Mr Richardson(referenced here in January 1879; no precise detail)
1879Mr Lamb(referenced here in October 1879; no precise detail)
1884Mr George Lambdies at The Navigation – 28th July 1884
1885 - 1904Mrs Sarah Lamb
1903Mr Harry & Mrs Sarah Parnham(see The Plough) – seem to be living at The Navigation (Wadkin archive) although not as licensees
1904Sarah Lamb, Oliver Ginnevertransfer of licence from Sarah Lamb to Oliver Ginnever (August 1904)
1905John William Oatestemporary transfer of licence to John William Oates (January 1905); full transfer from Oliver Ginnever to John Oates (March 1905)
1907Rigley, Oates, Freeboroughtransfer of licence from John Oates to John Thomas Freeborough (March 1907) and then to William Rigley (August 1907)
1908Alfred WalkerFollowing death Of William Rigley, temporary transfer of licence to Alfred Walker (January 1908) NB. Rigley sometimes spelt as Wrigley.
1910Mr Walker
1911Mr Spencer, Mr John Thomas Rowbotham (census)
1912ceased as a public house
1920Mrs Cartbought by Mrs Cart for £300 and renamed, ‘Bridge View’.

W0336a Plough & Navigation Inns - Pickering family
W0336a Plough & Navigation Inns – Pickering family
W0336b Plough & Navigation Inns - Pickering family
W0336b Plough & Navigation Inns – Pickering family
W1306b Canal, Basin & Bridge (dates?)
W1306b Canal, Basin & Bridge (dates?)