Musson John 1637 of Scalford Inventory

John Musson of Scalford 1637 Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/39/51

An Inventory of all the goods and Chattells moveable & unmoveable of John Musson of Scalford in the County of Leicester husbandman lately deceased in this yeare of our Lord 1636

Imprimis his purse & Money in it and his Apparrell50
In the Hall
Item the fireirons & all other things thereunto belonging10
Item a table formes stooles & three chaires one Cubbord with some other things210
In the Parlour
Item three bedsteads and three chests & one table with hangings310
In one Chamber
Item two bedsteads five Chests with wollen & linnens foure Coverlidds and a Quilt
Item three Mattresses twenty pillowes & boulsters200
Item Blanketts & Sheets belonging to the house200
In an other Parlour
Item two feather bedds foure mattresses four coverings & five blancketts & certaine
hangings for bedds120
Item eight table clothes three dozen of napkins fower towells410
Item twelve pillow beers with some other linnens10
In an other Chamber
Item old Mault & other Corne50
Item Bacon30
Item Butter and Cheese310
Item woll hempe a strike sievs scoles wheeles to spinne on both linnen and wollen110
In the Kitchin
Item seaven brasse potts eight panns with some other brasse120
Item a bason & ure with the pewter belonging to the house & Candlesticke30
Item twelve Cushions012
Item one bruing lead with brewing vessells barrells payles tubbs a salt trough to salt meate in
Churnes & Mault curnes510
In the yard
Item one hoffell with wood under it & upon it 6 fould treys under it30
Item one Cart & Cartgeares plow & geares for it with three harrowes & plowtimber
& another Hoffell with Lethers & wood under it70
Item three swine10
Item tenn hives30
Item three score & eighteene Sheepe320
Item nyne kine200
Item one Colt with some hay in the Stable100
Item the Cropp sowen & unsowen200
Item one little worke house with sithes forks rakes & other implements20
Item books & all other things unseene & unprized20
Suma totalis20312

By us

Jeffery Lunn

Richard Wayte

Hugh Berry

Exhibited 12 April 1637