Moulton William 1588 of Holwell Will

William Moulton of Holwell 1558 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1558

Part of the right hand side of the will is missing throughout

In the name of god Amen the xixth of August in the yeare of oure lord [missing] fyve hundeth fyftye and eight I Wyllm Molton of Holewell sick in body [missing] perfytt god be thancked make thys my last wyll  as heare foloweth

[missing] my soole to god Almyghtye and my bodye to the earthe where god [missing] provye place

Itm I bequeth to the churche of Lyncollne iid

Itm I bequeath to [missing] of the churche of … vid

Itm I bequeath to the churche of Ketylby one [missing] and to the chapel of Holywell one strycke of mault

Itm I bequeth to my [missing] Molton my best Jackett my best hatt & one oulde horsse nowe in the [missing]

[Missing] Wyllm Molton my best yoowe sheape

Itm I bequethe to Jhon Brewster xiiis

[Missing] I gyve to everye god chylde iiiid

Itm I bequethe to Ales Brewster [missing] & a lame

Itm I gyve to Ysbell Brewster one yoow & a lamme

Itm I bequethe [missing] Molton my brothers sonne one yoow & a lamme

Itm I bequethe to Rychard [missing] sonne one yoowe & a lame

Itm I wyll my dettes be payd of all my goods [missing] my wyffe have the third parte of the …

Itm I wyll that my wyffe have the third parte of all my land and … for thyrds for lyff and after her deathe I wyll that third parte of my landes and [missing] remayne to … and in the same order as by thys my wyll I appoynt the other [missing] land that ys to saye

Fyrst I wyll my sone Robart Molton have all my land [missing] to hyme & to hys heres of hys bodye lawfullye begotten and yf the sayd Robart [missing] wythe owt suche issew then I wyll my brother Rychard and hys heres male of hys [missing] lawfully begotten have … for ever paying for ever yerlye to my brother Jhon [missing] male xs and yf Jhon have no male here than I wyll the land be equally [missing] betwene the heres of my brotherene Jhon & Rychard

Itm I wyll [missing] Kyllynley dye that my son Robart and hys part be at the order of my brother [missing] Molton & Willm Mansfeyld

The rest of my goods before nott geven I [missing] … to my sone Robart to be equallye parted betwene … the [missing] & Robart I make my free executors and Wyllm Mansfeld overseer who for [missing] paynes I wyll have vis viiid

Theys being wytness

Robart Watson the [missing] Jhon Hurst Robart Crosse Hughe Holt and others

Thys is the inventorye of all the goods & cattell of Wyllm Molton latlye departed praysed the ixth of September by thes iiii honest men Jhon Hurst Robart Crosse Robart … … Heughe Holt

In primis a tabell & a forome & iii cheares & a lytle bordvis viiid
Itm a doar & v coffers wyth other paynted clothesiis vid
Itm a ambrey & a dyshe bordeiis
Itm iiii brasen pottes & iiii pannes & iiii kettellsv li
Itm v candyllstyckes & a basyn & a brasen morter with the pestellviiis
Itm v chargers of pewter & xii platters & viii potengers & ii saltes and a chafynge dyshevis viiid
Itm the plowe wythe other iren warevis viiid
Itm a spytt wythe cobbers & a fyer shole & fyer ironvis viiid
Itm certayne … wod gear … a fatt wythe other … … housevis viiid
Itm a window … clothe & iii sackesiiiis
Itm a payre of quernes & ii leydsxiis
Itm other tymber in … houseiis iiiid
Itm iii betels & iii peles wyth otheriiiis
Itm vii payre of flaxen sheates & vii payre of harden cofers & apparellxiiis iiiid
Itm a yren bound cart & a bare cart & a bound … iron harowes hovell geare & otheriii li vis viiid
Itm the heye & cornexix li
Itm v horses & mares iii folis & the geresv li
Itm vii keyne & iiii calfesx li vis iiiid
Itm xxii shepexls
Itm iii hogges & a sowe & viii shotesxxxiiis iiiid
Itm viii …iis
It capons & hennesvs
Itm iiii duckesviiid
Itm iii hyvesvis
Itm ould troffesiiis iiiid
Itm cockes & …xxd