Morrison John 1664 of Scalford Will

John Morrison of Scalford 1664 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1664

In the Name of God Amen I John Morrison of Scalford in the Countye of Leister being weake of body but of perfect memory & understanding (praised be God therefore) doe make & ordaine this my Last will & testament in maner & forme following

First I bequeath my soule into the hands of Almighty God from whom I received it hoping for salvation onely through the meritts of his Son Jesus Xt

My body I bequeath unto the earth of wch it was made decently to bee interred at the discretion of my Executor

And for the worldly effects wch God in his providence hath sent me I dispose of it thus

First I give & bequeath my house & Land at Broughton with all the appurtenances unto my eldest Son Christopher Morrison onely before before hee enter hee shall pay five pounds to my brother James Morrison wch is due to him as rent for the Land I hold of him

Ite: I give & bequeath unto my second Son John Morrison one close wch I have in the Ldship of Wiverby commonly called the Copy close lying on the North side of the copy to him & his heires for ever provided that hee pay the sume of fifty pounds of current money of England to my Executor before hee enter or have possession of the same

And further my will is that my eldest son Christopher shall make him perfect & good assurance & … for the same as counsel at Law shall advise

Item I give & bequeath unto my third son Thomas Morrison my house in Wiverbye with the two closes adjoyning to it to him & his heires for ever provided that hee pay ten pounds of current money of England to my Executor when hee shall accomplish the age of one & twenty yeares And further my will is that my eldest son Christopher shall make him perfect & good assurance & … of the same under the conditions above named as Councell at Law shall advise

Itm I give & bequeath unto my daughter Anne forty pounds of current money wch shalbee payed her when shee is of the age of one & twenty yeares by her brother Thomas as abovesd

In case shee depart this world before shee accomplish that age & have noe heires of her own body lawfully begotten my will is that the sd fourty pounds shalbee equally divided amongst her brethren

Item I give & bequeath unto my Loving wife Anne Morrison all my goods chattels & cattels moveable & unmoveable corne hey bease sheepe household stuffe or whatever the same may bee Also my will is that my Executor shall free her from all debts & incumbrances whatever

And also that in case shee marry againe that shee shall give the third part thereof to my daughter Ann

And Last of all I make & ordaine my eldest son Christopher Morrison sole executor of this my Last will & testament made the eighteenth day of November in the year of Ld xt 1661

                                                                                                                John Morrison his marke

Signed sealed & published in the presence of

Willm Coles

John Marshall

Probate 23 June 1664


A true & perfect Inventory of the goods cattels & chattels of wch John Morrison lately of Scalford deceased died seized taken by John Marshall of Scalford yeoman and Willm Berry of the same husbandman taken Octob: the 6th 1663

Imp: his purse & wearing apparell200
Ite: in the hall one table one forme one cupboard 2 chaires one galley tree with   
the hooks belonging to it134
Ite: in the parlour one tester bed, one other bedd stead one chest one coffer   
foure paire of sheets, 2 mattrices 2 bowlsters 4 pillows, 4 coverlids 4 blankets3100
In the buttery & dairy one barrell with milke vessel030
Ite: in the Kitchin 4 brasse pans one brasse pott one brandiron 2 tubbs one   
Kimnell one churne one cheese presse one woollen wheele 2 linen wheels   
2 pailes 4 pewter dishes one candlestick 6 pewter spoones one warming pan276
Ite: in the chamber a strike a paire of bellows with some other things either   
forgotten or unamed050
Ite: the cropp of corne in the barne1000
Ite: the hey200
Ite: 3 milch bease one heifer 2 two yeare old bulls, one yeareling calfe1000
Ite: nine sheep & foure lambs160
Ite: twelve swine young & old300
Ite: one Mare & foale  168

John Marshall

William Berry