Morris Bartholomew 1638 of Grimston Will

Bartholomew Morris of Grimston 1638 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/249/90

Only the first page of this will is included, although that would seem to be almost the entirety of it.  It may be that the next page is in the archives but was accidentally not reproduced.

In the name of God Amen I Bartholomew Morris of Grimston in the Countie of Leic yeoman being sicke and weake in bodye but in perfect minde and memorye thanks be to god therefore doe make my Last will & testament in manner & forme following

Imprimis I give and bequeath my soule into the hands of Jesus Christ my redeemer by whose aloane meritts & mercies after this mortall Life ended I certainly hope for life everlasting, my bodie to the earth from whence it came to be buryed in the Churchyard of Grimston aforesaid by my ancestours

Item I give & bequeathe unto my five daughters, Susanne, Cornelia, Elyzabeth, Marie and Joane, the full & right sume of Twentie pounds a peece, to bee paid unto them & everye of them as they shall accomplish the full age of Twenty and one yeares, or at their severall dayes of marriage which shall first happen, provided the said Children be advised & ruled by their Mother & overseers of this my testament in their said marriages, otherwise to stay as for their said portions untill the age of one & twentie as aforesaid

And if it please god any of my five daughters depart this Life before they accomplish the age of one and twentie yeares or be married as aforesaid, then my will is That the porcon of that child or chilldren so dying shall be & remaine unto my executrix for & towards the better maintenance & breeding of the rest

Ite whereas Ann my wife is now greate with childe, if it shall please god to blesse her with a daughter, then that daughter to have twentie pounds in manner as her other sisters and my land to bee solde or remaine wholly to my executrix if with a sone then he to inherit my Land as was agreed upon at our marriage by Indenture

Ite I give & bequeath unto eight of the poorest of the Towne of Grimston sixe pence a peece, to bee paid unto them within one halfe yeare next after my decease when my executrix shall think fit

Ite I make Anne my wife full & sole executrixe of


A true Inventory of all and singular the goods & Chattells of Bartholomew Morris late of Grimston Comt: Leic: yeoman deseased taken and prased the fift of October Anno doii 1638 by us whose names are hereunto subscribed Inhabitants de Grimston …

In the Hall   
Imprimis two tables two Joyned formes two Joyned Stooles three Chaires fier   
Irons and other Implements there100
In the parlour   
It one bedsted one featherbed and Curtaynes1100
Ite one trundlebed with Cloaths upon it0134
It two Chests foure Cofers with other implements168
It flaxen sheets three paire hempton sheets foure paire of harden sheets   
fifteene paire two payre more over worne5160
It foure flaxen table Cloathes foure more Courser one dozen & halfe of napkins1130
It five pillow beares three Courser & one towel086
In the little parlor   
It one bedstead with Courtaynes one Cofer one boxe ten quishions with other   
implements ther168
In the Chamber over the hall   
Ite eight puter platters one bason & seaven lesser peeces sixe porringers foure   
saucers two saltsellers one flagon one Chamber pott one Candlestick two   
drinking Cups one dozen and halfe of spoones1180
It one olde Chest three shelves with other implements0120
In the Chamber over the parlor   
It one Coverlet with other stuf & Implements ther100
Linn and wollin Cloth their more & Stuff250
In a little …   
It one Cheese presse with other odd things0100
In the dary house & buttrey   
It three brass potts eleaven pans two Candlesticks one Skymer one bason five   
barrills and other Implements ther700
In the kitching   
It one lead two brewing vessells one kneding tube with spits Cobiron & frying   
pan & other Implements1134
In the folde   
It eleaven Scorre sheepe and seaven7868
In the yard   
It three … swine one sow & nine …500
It three stone troughs Carte geares plough geares leathers locks forks & other   
Implements in the stable4100
It postes five peeces and … … for three hovells faggotts fleaks & other wood in the   
It Coales two payre of Cart blades with som other wood in the killne with   
quarnes & one stone trought400
It three Iron bound Cartes534
It two great & two small harrowes one load of plaster one long ladder and two   
short ones1100
It apell trees and plow timber200
It barly pease wheate Rie and hey11600
It three geldings three mares two foales and two Colts4000
It ten kine foure heighfers & foure Calves3500
Corne Sowne aboute foure Acres6134
It three sillver spoones & three …0110
It his purse his sword & his aparrill500
It all other rumble seene & unseene or forgotten    0100
Suma tot3371610
Debts owing to the testator   
By William Boeman Henry Kilbie payable at Whittsontide last2120
By Henry Kilby due att March the 25th0120

George Lowe                                     )

Thomas Adcocke                              ) Praysers

Abraham Stockwell his marke     )