Moore Alice 1638 of Holwell Inventory

Alice Moore of Holwell 1638 Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/40/98

27 Aprill 1636

A true and perfect Inventorye of all and singular the goods and Chattles of Alice Moore widow late while she lived of Holwell deceased prased & vallewed by Samuell Neal Clarke John Cooley & Thomas Smith as followeth

Imprimis uppon bond from William … of Nether Broughton1000
Item upon bond from Thomas …ouglands of Waltham on the Woulds600
Item in Mault Rye & barly4100
Item Corne in the Ground being an Oskome600
Item her sheepe vallewed at3100
It one filley170
Item one Cow & Calfe3134
Item one Cow one Heifer had a steere5100
Item one Cubbard 4 platters pestell and morter one forme 2 Chayres one buffet
Stoole one table fyer Iron Reckins one wooden bottle100
Item one brasse pott 5 brasse pannes180
Item in the parlour 2 Chests one bedstead 2 Coverlids 2 blancketts one
fetherbedd one Mattresse a boulster 2 pillowes and a barrell300
Item in an other Parlour two Chests a forme 2 spitts & Cobard a paire of
Quernes and an Iron Crowe 4 breweing tubbs one bedsted & furniture1100
Item fleakes and plow timber and a hovell068
Suma totalis47150

Exhibited 31 May 1638