Mintin Thomas 1680 of Stathern will and inventory

Mintin Thomas of Stathern 1680 Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1680/147

September the first Anno d 1680

The wille of Thomas Mintin of Stathorne in the Counti of Lester husbandman

Item I give to Jone my wife all my housold goods The tabel and frame excepted to my sonne John

Item I give to my sonne John and to my sonne Thomas all my dead moveable goodes in the yard or to belonging

Item I give to my dauter Jane Lamin towe youes and tow lams

Item I give to my dauter Elesebeath Wickes towe youes and tow lames

Item I give to my dauter Anne Mintin and to my dauter Mary Mintin fife pounds a peese to peade to them That deay Twelfe monthes after my deseas and fife pound a peece to be pead to them that time towe yeares

Item I give to my three granchildren two youes and Tow lames a pece

Item I give to Joane my wife and to John Minten and to Thomas Minten my sonnes all my quicke goodes and all my Coarne and hee whearsoe ever peain my detes and Legeses the Reste to be equele devided between them


Henery Parman

James Dixon his marke


A True and perfect Inventory Taken of the goods Chattel and Cattel of Thomas Mintin of Statherne in the County of Leic husbandman late deceased taken the 8 day of October 1680 by Henery Parman and James Dixon neighbours of Statherne as followeth

  £ s d
Imprimis his purse and aparel 0 10 0
Item Corne and grane and haye now in the yard 18 0 0
Item horses Marres and Colt and foales 20 13 4
Item 6 Cowes 2 Steares one hefer one bull 12 3 4
Item fifteen sheep and twenty seven lames 10 0 0
Item one sowe and pigges one gilte 2 6 8
Item Carts and Cart geares Plows and Plow geares and harrowes 6 13 4
Item fence trayes fould trayes and hovel geare 0 13 4
Item 3 Coverlids five bed blankets two peare of flaxen sheets 2 0 0
Item three bed Matterris two peare of hempin sheets 5 peare of harden      
sheets two bousters 5 pillows 3 flaxon pillow beare 2 0 2
Item on trusse bed on Chest on Coffer on boxe on trundle bed 0 15 0
Item 3 Chaires on buffitt forme on Couberd on buffitt stoole 0 13 4
Item brewin vessel three toubbs 4 barriells 3 kitts on Churne 0 13 4
Item three brasse pans on brasse pott 0 13 4
Item five puter Dishes 4 butter Dishes on puter Candelsticke 0 7 0
Item fire iron and hookes and shelves 0 3 4
Item all things unseene and forgotten 0 3 4
                                                                                      The Sum is 108 8 10

Henery Parman

James Dixon his marke