Matchett John 1741 of Harby will and inventory

John Matchett of Harby 1741 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1741

In the name of God Amen I John Matchit of Harby in the county Leicaster being Weake in Body but parfact In Memery thanks be to God this I make my last Will & Testement

First I Cummand my soul In to the Hands of allmighty God hoping through Jesus Christ for the Remishon of my Sins & my Body to be Desently Buryed as my Excectuery thinks proper

Item I Give that Debts & demands being to Every body shall be pade & my Buriel Charges shall be Discharg’d

Item I Give and bequeath to my Daughter Margit Matchit the Sume 80 pounds to be paid at the age of 21 years to her & to be Brought Up & have her Bode Clothing & Scouling at my House at my Executors Charge to the age of one & twenty years

Item I Give to my Daughter Alce Matchit the sume of 80 pounds to be paid at the Age of 21 years to her and to be Brought up & have her Bode Clothing & Scouling at my House at my Excecturs Charge to 21 years

And If one of my daughters should dye before thay cume to age my other Daughter shall have or forten

Item I Give to my Son John Matchit the Sume of five Shillings

And Lastly I make my Wife Alce Matchit full Executor of all I have & possess & Land till my Son cum to age paying my Legaceys

This my Last will & testement In Witness my hand & Seal

                                                                                                         John Matchit his Hand & Seal

Seald & deleverd in the presents of us Wittnessis

James Goodson

Thomas Brookbank his mark

Henry Bugg his mark

October 6th 1740

Alice Matchett Widow the within named Extrix was Sworn the 20th Aprill 1741

Tuition of her Children Committed to her

                                                                                                         Before us Geo: Newell

A trew & perfect Inventory of all the goods & chattles that John Matchit of Harby in the County of Leicester was possessed of who departed this life October the 12 1740

  £ s d
The pers & aparil 20
The corn & haye 10
… & toon carts 2 10
Colers goears & helters 2 10
Plous & haras 1
Swine 5 10
The horsis & mars 35
The cows & heffers 20
Sheepe 15
The clots 15
Seckes & fann & strike 1
Wood & forks 1
Beeast cribs & fold trays 15
Buket & chains & horse trofe 1
Puter & brass 5
Goods in the hous 5
Goods in the cichin & cools 2 10
Goods in the palers 3
Goods in the chambers 3
Chees & wooll 5 10
Things in the darye 10
The lathers 5
Things unseen & forgotten 1
                                                                                                                                       £ 243 10

Apraised by

Thomas Clayton

Tho: Lamin