Mason Thomas 1738 of Eaton Will

Thomas Mason of Eaton 1738 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1738

In the Name of God Amen I Thomas Mason of Eaton in the County of Leicester farmer being weak of Body but of Sound and perfect Memory Do Make this My Last Will & Testament this fourth day of December 1737

First I commend my Soul into the hands of almighty God that Gave it

I commit my Body to the Earth to be Decently Buried at the Discression of my Executrix hereafter Mentioned

And as to My worldly Estate & Effects (when My Debts & funeral Expences are paid and Discharged) I Dispose of as followeth

Impris I Give And Bequeath to my well beloved Son John Mason all my House Lands & Tenements together with their Appurtenances lying Situate & Being in the parish of Eaton aforesaid (which is My own Real Estate) at the Decease of my wellbeloved wife She Makeing no waste Nor Destruction

Item I Give to Mary my well beloved Daughter the Sum of Eighty pounds of Lawfull Money to be paid her by my Executrix when she shall Accomplish the Age of Twenty one Years

Also my will is if Either of my said Children Shall Die before they accomplish their Sevral and Respective Ages that the Survivor of them shall have the others part or share above Mention’d

Also my will is if at the Time of my Death my said wife Be with Child I Give and Bequeath to such Child or Children the Sum of forty pounds Twenty pounds to be paid out of my Daughter Mary’s Eighty And Twenty pounds to be paid by my Executrix out of the Remaining part of my Effects when it or they shall Accomplish the ages of Twenty one years

And if my wife hath a child or Children after my Decease begotten by me my will is if Either my son John or Daughter Mary Dies before they Accomplish their Respective ages that such child or Children shall have An Equall Share & Share alike will [sic] the Survivor And if they Both Die then to have both their Shares or portions above Mentioned And if None of My Children Shall Accomplish their Respective Ages of Twenty one Years Nor have Lawfull Issue my will is that my House and Land Above Mentioned Descend & Go to Thomas the son of Nicholas Mason of Stonesby or to the Next Male heir of My Relations

Also my will is that None of My Children Shall have any of their Above Said Legacys Abated or Stopt on Account of their Bringing Up But that they Shall have Meat Drink Washing Lodging Cloathing and Education at the Charge of My Executrix without any Reduction or abatement of their Respective Legacy & portions

All the Rest and Residue of My Goods & personall Estate whatsoever I Give to Dorothy my well Beloved Wife to Dispose of as she shall Think propper She Committing No Waste of my Estate in Cutting Down Timber & Suffering my Buildings to go out of Repair Nor in Mortgageing my Lands Nor Letting the Same Upon Lease And I make and ordain her my said wife Sole Executrix of this my Last Will and Testament in Trust for the intents and purposes in this my will Contained

In witness whereof I the said Thomas Mason have to this my last will and Testament set my hand and seal the Day and year Above written

                                                                                                                Thomas Mason

Signed Sealed and Delivered by the said Thomas Mason As and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us who were present at the Signing and Sealing There of

Note the Interlineing between the Twenty fourth & Twenty fifth line is: when it or they shall Accomplish the age of Twenty one years

Tho Hourd

James Cook his Mark

Henry Hand

This 4th Day of December the Said Thomas Mason After a Consideration hath Thought it proper to Make this alteration in the above written Will

That I Thomas Mason Give my Daughter Mary the Sum of Fourty pounds & No More

Allso I Give my Son John Mason the Sum of Twenty pounds to be paid by My Executrix when he shall accomplish the age of Twenty one years

My Daughter to be paid as the Eighty pounds was

As wittness my hand and seal

                                                                                                                Thomas Mason

In the presence of us

Tho: Hourd

James Cooke senior

John Cont

Dorothy Mason executrix sworn 26 April 1738

December the 12th 1737

An Inventory of the Goods and Chattles of Thomas Mason of Eaton in the County of Leicester late Deceased

His Purse and Apparell1100
Thing in the house two Tables and other things0150
In the Parlour one Bed and other things050
Things in the Kitchen one Copper and other things140
In the Chambers three Bed and all other things4100
Two old Mares and two Young Fillys910
One old Cart one harrow one Plow and Gears1180
Four Milking Cows and two Calves520
Twenty Nine old Sheep and Sixteen Lamb10120
Two Swine Hoggs0100
The Crop in the Barn and upon the hovell110
The Crop of Hay050
The Clotts in the Field0100
All thing forgotten and unseen  016
The Totall Sum is3746

Thomas Exton and James Cooke Appraisers

Witness our hands

Thomas Exton

James Cooke