Marriott William 1565 of Long Clawson will

William Marriott of Long Clawson 1565 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1565/38 and also PR/I/256

In the name of god amen in the yeare of oure lorde god mdlxii and in the xxvi daye of September wytnessethe that I Wyllyam Maryet of Claxton husbandman being syke in body and of good and perfecte remembrance doe ordene and make thys my last wyll and testament in maner & forme herafter folowinge

Fyrst I bequethe my sole to almyghtie god my maker and redemer and my body to be buryed in the churche of Claxton my paryshe churche

It I bequethe to the mother churche of Lyncolne viiid

It I bequethe to my curate for all my tythes by me neclygently omitted and forgotten viiid

It I bequethe to Wyllyam Collington one cowe calfe a theve and a hogge lambe

It I bequethe to Allis Gryne a browne quye too shype and too puter platters wythe the second brasse potte

It I beqethe to Margery Howe a bushell of meale and a bushell of maulte

It I bequethe to John Howe xiid

It I bequethe to my sonne Jhon Maryetts chylderin amongeste them too shype

It I bequethe to my sonne Henry Hollts chylderin amongest them too shype

It I bequethe to my sonne Edmund Gryne a stryke of pease and a stryke of mawlte

It I wyll that my sune Willyam Maryet to feche my dowghter Emmot Collington every yeare a lode of colles so longe as she kepethe hyr wydo and dwellethe in Claxton my sunne Wyllyam paying for them & the 4d help him in laboure nedefull

It I bequethe to Henry Collington a lambe hogge

It I bequethe to the pore folke of Claxton to every one of them a peny worthe of breade

Item I bequethe to Robarde Maryet iiiid

It I bequethe to Jone Large [?] iiiid

It I bequethe to every one of my god chylderin iiiid

It I bequethe all my goodds and landes unbequethed to Wyllyam Maryet my sonne

It I ordene and mayke Wyllyam Maryett my sone full executor of thys my Last wyll and testement

It I wyll that Syr Chrystofer Goodwyn vicar and Robarde Mowre to be my Supviors and overseers of thys my laste wylle and testament and every one of them to have for ther payns xiid

It I bequthe to Kettylbe churche a bushell of weate

It to Holwell capell a stryke of weate

Thes wytnessus Rycharde Hicklinge Hughe Stanwege Robarde Hocherbye John … wythe other mo

Marginal note in probate copy at PR/I/256

Sina Inventary xxiii li vid

Probate 1 June 1565