Marriott Thomas 1632 of Long Clawson will and inventory

Thomas Marriott of Long Clawson 1632 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1632/40

In the name of god Amen This 19th of Marche in the seaventh yeare of the raygne of our Soveraigne Lord Charles by the grace of god, of Englande, France, Soctlande [sic], and Irelande, Kinge defender of the faith &c 1631 I Thomas Marriatt of Claxton als Longe Clauston in the Countie of Leceister, husbandman, beinge sicke of bodie, but of good and perfecte memorye (praysed be god) Doe make and ordayne this my laste will and testament, in manner followeinge

Inprimis I give and bequeave my Soule to god that gave it, and my bodie to bee buried in the Church yarde of Claxton aforesaide

Itim I give & bequeave unto my sonne Thomas Marriatt all the Hovell tymber and pales under the hovell that he nowe hath in use, all my Leathers, Fleakes, well Corke and they Impleaments about my well, [word lost in fold] my sonne brought the gallowe tree at my house fire

Itim I give my daughter Anne Marriat Twentie l

Itim I give unto my daughter Elizabeth Marriatt Twentie poundes

Itim I give unto my daughter [word lost in fold] Marriatt Twentie poundes

Itim I give unto my sonne Edward Marriatt twelve pence

Itim I give unto my sonne Henrye Marriatt twelve pence

And my will is that all & everye theis Legacies bee payed within one twelve moneths next after my discease & further my will is, that if one, or towe of my foresaied daughters depart this worlde unmaried, That then, her, or theire portion, or portions shall goe and remayne, to the survivor, or suvivors

The rest of all my moveable goods, unbequeaved, I give and bequeave unto my loveinge wife Marye Marriatt whome I make & ordayne Sole & full executrixe of this my laste will & testament, To see my legacies performed, and my bodie to bee reverently brought to the grounde

Lastely I make my Cosinne Henrye Marriatt, and my sonnes, William and Robert Marriatt Overseers of this my laste will and testament, giving to every of them twelve pence a peece for theire paynes

They witnesses are

Thomas Wright, Scriptor

Dorathye Wright, her marke


A true Inventorye of all the goods and Chattells of Thomas Marriatt of Claxton als longe Clauston in the Countie of Leceister yeoman Taken this 22th of September 1632 By John Faukes and Gabriell Hebbe of Claxton aforesaide husbandmen

Imprimis his purse and apparall 4l
Itim a feather bed & three boulsters 3l
Itim 9 pillowes 3s
Itim 11 Coverleades a Carpet cloth 7l
It 7 mattresses 3l 10s
Itim five blankets, 4 boulsters, 10 Quushions 11 yardes of wollen cloth 4l 3s 6d
Itim pillowe beares and napkins 45s
Itim Sheets, & a webbe of hempton 7l 5s
Itim for bedsteads and Cofers 3l 12s
Itim 2 Tables 2 frames, a Cubberd, Cheares, formes, stooles and settles & other  
Impleaments of wood 40s
Itim in the kitchin, a lead, a troughe, & planckes, 4 Barells 40s
Itim for woole & wheeles, cardes and weights 4l
Itim ould Corne in the Chamber 25s
Itim Sackes and a steppe 5s
Itim for Bacon & whitmeat 3l
Itim Oxe teams, a whip Sawe & oulde Iron 10s
Itim brasse in pots & panns 3l
Itim a peare of Querns, a tallowe prasse, milke vessells, wimbles, Hatchetts 20s
Itim a Steepe fatt & 3 hookes and other Impleaments 11s
Itim plough Tymber, hovell and Hovell tymber, a weane bodies & three Sheepe Cribbs  
and other Impleaments of wood 20s
Itim Croppe feilde and towne 26l
Itim fleakes, & pales, a well crubbe, & horse troughe, a grindle stone … payles, the dunge hill 50s
Itim beasts and Sheepe 31l
Itim Swyne and pullen 24s
Itim money oweing unto him 51l 12s
Itim pueter, a Chafeinge dish & towe brasse Candlestickes, and a morter 44s
Itim Lynnen and woollen yarne 8s
Itim the fire Iron, gallowe tree, Spitte & Cobberds, and other Impleaments of Iron about the  
fire 12s
Itim Coales & 1 Harrowe 24s
Itim thinges forgotten 2s 6d
                                              The whole sume is 171l 11s  

They prayser names

John Faukes his marke

Gabriell Hebb

Probate 3 October 1632