Marriott Sarah 1882 of Old Dalby Will

Sarah Marriott of Old Dalby 1882 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, DE 462/25 page 473

The last Will and Testament of Sarah Marriott, Widow, in the Parish of Old Dalby in the County of Leicester

I do hereby leave and bequeath the whole of my property House, land situated in the above named Parish, and all my Goods Chattles & other effects of which I die proposed to my daughter Elizabeth Marriott of Old Dalby

I desire the said Elizabeth Marriott to pay all my lawful debts and funeral expenses and to be my sole executrix

Witness my hand this 25th day of December 1867

                                                                                                                Sarah Marriott

In the presence of us

Robert Coalbank Clergyman

John Gill Farmer

Proved at Leicester on the Fourth day of September 1882 by the Oath of Elizabeth Marriott Spinster, the Daughter, the sole Executrix to whom Administration was granted

The Testatrix Sarah Marriott was late of Old Dalby in the County of Leicester Widow and died in the First day of August 1868 at Old Dalby aforesaid

Personal Estate Gross £230.0.0.  Nett £75.0.0.