Marriott Robert 1628 of Hose Will

Robert Marriott of Hose 1628 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/244 page 35

In The name of god Amen I Robert Maritt of Hoose in The Countie of Leicester, being sicke in bodie but of perfect remembrance (thankes be unto god for the same) doe ordayne and make this my last will and Testament in this manner and forme as it Followeth

Commending my soule to allmightie god And my bodie to be buried in the Churchyarde of the parishe of Hoose afforesayd

Inprimis I do give unto Elisabeth Maritt my eldest daughter the iust summe of Twentie shillings of good English money to be payd unto her so soone as she shall Come to the age of Foure and Twentie yeares

Item I do give unto my sone Thomas Maritt The perfect sume of Twentie shillings of good Englishe money to be payd unto him so soone as hee shall Come to the age of one and Twentie yeares

Item I doe give unto Issabell Maritt my daughter the perfect summe of Twentie shillings of good English money so soone as she shall become of the age of one and Twentie yeres

Item if my wife Jane Maritt do happen after my decease to marie againe then my will further is that the sayd Jane shall at the daye of her marriage or within one monthe after give unto the afforsayd Elisabeth Maritt, Thomas Maritt, And Issabell Maritt, my naturall Chilldren, The iust and perfect summe of Fourtie shillings a peece, over and beside that summe of Twentie shillings apeece which is to be payd unto them at the Times first above specifyed

Item I do give unto Jane Marrit my loving wife all that my portion of land and halfe beast pasture which I purchassed and bought of George Spenser, To have and to hold the same during her naturall life, And after her decease then my will, purpose, and mynd is, that, my sone Thomas Marritt shall have the sayd portion of land and halfe beast pasture to have, hold and quietly to enioye the same to him and his haires for ever, provyded that he the sayd Thomas Maritt shall satisfye and pay unto my Twoe daughters Elisabeth Marritt, and Issabell Maritt The iust summes of Foure poundes three shillings and foure pence a peece within Twoe years after he hath entred uppon the sayd portion of land and halfe beast pasture afforesayd

The rest of my goods unbequeathed (my debts and funerall expences discharged) I give unto Jane Maritt my wife whome I do ordaine and make the full executrix of this my last will and Testament

In wittnesse whereof I have hereunto set my hand the six and Twenteth day of November ano dom one Thousand six hundred Twentie seaven in the presence of these

                                                                                                                Robert Maritt his marke

George Fullwood

Richard Marritt

John Tinsley

Probate Melton Mowbray 10 June 1628


A True Inventorie of all the goods Cattells and Chattells of Robert Marritt of Hoose deceased Taken and praised the 30th of Januarie Ano dom 1627 by Richard Maritt, John Tinslie and James Rouse

Inpris his pursse and apparel0134
Item the fire Irons, forme and one Table one Chaire 2 stooles 5 Cushions one   
Spit one paire of wooden Coberds034
Item 2 wheeles and Certaine Towe070
Item one wooden dishe pen with 5 old brasse pans upon it, one Chavendishe   
one brasse pott one old Cupborde200
Item one Cupborde and pewter on it100
Item in one Chamber pease and barlie one old bedstead 2 old Coffers with other   
Implements in the Chamber016 
Item in the parlour 5 Coverlids 4 pillowes 2 mattresses 3 old bedsteads and one   
Item Implments in one litle spense020
Item 5 Coffers with 3 payre of flaxen sheetes 3 of hempen sheetes and 3 harden   
sheetes one borde cloth 5 pillowe beres and other Linens200
Item 2 piggs one stone troughe050
Item 3 keine one Calfe one shepe and hay7  
Item one old hovell020
Item for things forgotten034
Suma Totalis16100