Marriott Richard 1712 of Hose will and inventory

Richard Marriott of Hose 1712 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1712

In the name of God Amen this 23 day of July 1710 according to the Computation of the Church of England I Richard Marriott of Hooes in the County of Leicester yeoman being weak of body but of A sound & parfect mind & memory Blessed be Almighty God for it doe make & ordain this my last will and testament in maner and form folloing that is to say

First & principally I commend my soul into the hands of Almighty God my Creator hopeing through the merits of Jesus Christ my onely Saviour & Redeemer to Receve full pardon of all my sins & be made A pertaker of Life everlasting and as for my body I commit it to the Earth from whence it was taken to be buried in such manner as my Executrix hereafter named shall thinck fit & Conveniant & as for that temporal estate which the Lord in marcy hath Lent mee I dispoese of it in manner & form following that is to say

Imprimis I Give to my son Edward Marriott Seventy pounds to be paid him when he shall Attain the Age of one and twenty years or the day of marig which shall first hapen then to him & his ears [sic] for ever

Itam I Give to my Daughter Elizebeth Marriott forty pounds to be paid hir when she shall attain the Age of one & twenty or the day of marig which shall first hapen & ten pounds in houshould Guds to be set out by hir mother or whom hir mother shall nominate or appoint to set out the same then to her and her ears for ever

But if ether my son Edward Marriott or my Daughter Elizebeth dy befoore thay attain the seaverall ages of one & twenty or the days of marig befoor menshoned my will & mind is that the sorviver of them shall have on hundred pounds pad by my executriors hear after named

Itam I Give to my son Richard Marriott one half oxgand of Land that was Given mee by my unkel John Marriott to enter on it when he shall attain the age of 18 years & till then to his mother for his mentinance & edecation

Itam I Give to my Loving Wife Dorathy Marriott one half oxgand of Land that was my fathers James Marriotts for hir naturl Life & then to retourn to my son Richard at hir deseas

Lastly all the rest & residue of all my Goods & Chattels which it hath pleased God to endue mee withall I give & bequeath unto my dear wife Dorathy Marriott & my son Richard Marriot whom I make and Joyne them Sole Excutors of this my Last will & testament Revoking all other wills & testaments hear to foor by mee maid I hear by make this my Last will & testament the day & year above said

Witness my hand and seal

                                                                                                         Richard Marriatt

Sined sealed & published as the Last will & testament of Richard Marriott in the presance of us

Robert Hicklinge

Robt Garton

Joseph Hawley

A true and perfect Inventory of all the Goods Cattle and Chattles of Rich. Marriott of Hose in the County of Leicester Deced the Thirteenth day of February Ano Dni 1711 and appraised the One and Twentyeth day of the same Month by us whose Names are here subscribed

  £ s d
Impris His purse and Apparell 06 10 00
Item Six Mares one Colt and two foales 56 00 00
Item Six Cowes Two Heiffers and Six Calves 30 06 00
Item Nine and forty sheep 19 10 00
Item A Sow and Tenn pigs and one lean Hogg 02 10 00
Item One Waggon one Cart & Cart Geares plowes and Harrowes 15 05 00
Item Beast Cribs & Sheep Cribs Fould Trees and other Materialls 01 06 08
Item Malt and Wheat & Corn thrasht and unthrasht 09 1 00
Item Bees and Manure a fan and other Small things 01 13 4
Item Hay and Straw 05 05 00
Item four Oxgang of Corn on the Ground 36 00 00
Item In the boarded parlor a bed & bedstead a Chest & Cupboard 06 00 00
Item In the Brick parlor a bed and furniture 03 00 00
Item In the Little parlor a Table and Tenn Chaires 01 02 06
Item In the best Chamber a bed & a Chest & a Chest of Draws 03 06 04
Item In the Store Chamber Cheese & Bacon & other Necessaryes 03 03 04
Item In the Dairy Milk vessells and Shelves 00 10 00
Item In the Kitchen a pair of Quernes & Brewing vessells and other small things 02 06 08
Item Brass and pewter and Linnen 05 02 06
Item In the House a Table Stooles and Chaires 01 06 08
Item In the Chimney fire Iron & Hookes & other necessaryes 00 10 00
Item Things unseen and forgot 01 13 04
  211 17 04

John Reay

Robt Garton

Edw: Hallam

Probate 28 March 1712