Marriott Richard 1590 of Hose Will

Richard Marriott of Hose 1590 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1590/77

In the name of god amen The fyrst day of Aprill in the yere of our lord god 1590 I Rychard Mariet of Hoose in the Countey of Leic husbandman Sycke in bodye, but wholle in mynd, And of good, & perfect Remembrance, thanks be to god I doe ordayne & make this my last wyll & Teastment in manner, and forme following

Fyrst I bequeth my sole to allmyghtye god my Creator and Redemer, and my bodye to be buried in the Church yard of Hoose

Itm I doe geve unto Izabell my wife All my howsehold Stoufe And allso I wyll that Izabell my wyfe, and Rychard my Sonne shall Occupie my fearme Joyntlye betwixt them, and the longer liver of them

Itm I doe geve and bequeth unto Steven Mariet my sonne the somme of xiii li vis viiid and one naturall Rood of barly ground, to be plowed, harrowed, & manured, at the Charges of myne Executors, duringe the space of my years next to my sonnes use, & the land to be appoynted by my overseers

Itm I doe geve and bequeth unto my sonne James the somme of xiii li vis viiid to be payed to him when he cometh out of his prenticeshipe

Itm I doe geve and bequeth unto my daughter Jone the somme of xiii li vis viiid And to my daughter Margaret the somme of xiii li vis viiid

Itm I doe geve & bequeth unto Robert my sonne the somme of xiii li vis viiid And to my sonne Thomas the somme of xiii li vis viiid

Itm I doe geve unto my sonne Wyllm the somme of xiii li vis viiid

Allso my wyll is that if god doe call to his mercye, Any of my sayd Chyldren, before they Come to lawfull Age, that then their parte shall Reamayne Amongest the Residew of my Chyldren

Itm I doe geve and Bequeth unto my Chyldrens Chyldren, to Everye one of theym An Ewe & A lambe To be Payed unto them, with in vii years after my departure

Itm I doe geve unto Rychard my sonne my Stone trowe, as an Earloume to my name

Itm I doe geve unto Everye one of my Godchyldren iiiid

Itm I wyll that the Poore of the Towne shall have Amongest theym tow strike of Corne

All the Residewe of my goods not bequethed, I doe geve & bequeth unto Izabell my wyfe and Rychard my Sonne whom I doe appoynte, and make, my lawfull Executors off this my last wyll and Teastament

And I doe appoynt Gregory Julyan, and Robert Knot Overseers of the same

Probate Leicester 28 September 1590

PR/I/11 page 37

An Inventorye of all the goods & Chattells of Rychard Mariet, of Hoose, late deceassed, valued and prized by those men whose names ar under written

Gregory Julian, Gregorye Wade, Wyllm Smyth & Robert Knot

First his apparell with the money in his Pursex li
Itm one table, one coubbard, with the Chears & Reckingsxiiis iiiid
Itm all the Pewter, the brase, with the Chaffing dishesiiii li xs
Itm the Pyllowes, boulstears, with vi matrissesiii li iiiis
Itm all the napperye warevi li xiiis iiiid
Itm the bed hillings, coverlids, & blancketsiii li vis viiid
Itm all the paynted clothesxs
Itm v bedsteedsxs
Itm tow stone of woole, tow stone of hempe with many other implements in the Chambersiii li
Itm the coffears, with other implements in the Parlor & butreyxxxs
Itm the carpets and cushingsxs
Itm the bruing lead, with the quirns, and Cribbsxxs
Itm the stepeing phat the hearcloth, the Wyndening cloth with the sacksxxs
Itm the crope of haye & cornexl li
Itm v hivesxxvs
Itm the carts and all the gearsv li
Itm all the hovills, plowe tymber Palls and neat standingsiiii li
Itm Plowes, harrowes, with youckes & teamsxls
Itm the ladders with other implements of wode in the yardxs
Itm one stone trough, with the …xxvis viiid
Itm all the Pullin in the yardvis viiid
Itm ix horses and marsxvii li
Itm one Oxenvii li xs
Itm tow stearsiiii li vis viiid
Itm tenn kynexvi li xiiis iiiid
Itm 8 younge beastsiii li xs
Itm v calvesxxvis viiid
Itm xvii swyneiii li xvs
Itm viii shepexxvis viiid
Suma totalisCxxxviii li iiiis