Marriott Richard 1549 of Hose will and inventory

Richard Marriott of Hose 1549 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1549

In Dei Nomine Amen the Seconde day of October the yere of our Lord god mcccccxlix And of oure moste … sufferand Lord Edward the vith by the grace of god of England Ireland France Kynge Defender of the Faith And in … immediately under god of the church of England & Ireland Supreme Heade the third I Richard Marrytt of Hose husbandman in the Countie of Leicester beyinge hole of mynde & of good Remembrance make and order this my last wyll and testament in manner & forme following

Fyrst I bequeth my Soule to god Almyghty And to all the Company of Heven And my Body to be Buried in the parishe churche yarde of Hose

It I bequeathe to the poore mense box viiid

Also I gyve to … … half a … of … & half a qwart of wheate & half a qwart of beens & an …

Also I gyve to … …xs … … …a bushell of malte & a stryke of wheate

Also I gyve to Laurence Marytt halfe a qwart of wheate

Also I gyve to Gregory Julyane …

And the residue of all my goods unbequethed & ungyven my legacyes fullfylled Then I wyll my goods to be parted in three partes and then I to have one pte & my wyffe Another and my Chylldren to have the thryd parte

And the residue of my parte when I am brought to the ground I gyve it to Agnis my wyffe the which Agnis I make my full Executor and Thomas Marytt my Son And he have vis viiid for his rewarde & no more of my parte and to Laurence Marytt to Be the Supvysor of thys my last wyll

Thies beeynge witnesse

Gregory Myller Ludwycke Kempe Thomas Rowse Robt … Ric … Robert Littylldyke Robert Julyane John Spenser

This Inventory of all & singular goods of Richard Marytt of Hose husbandman prassed by this men Thomas Rows Robert Julian Robert … Antony Wade Ric …son John Spenssar the xi day of October the year of our Lord god mcccccxlix

Imprimis for shepe xls

It for weete … xxii li xs

It hey & corne x li

It cart & carte heers and plowes … … hovells and all other woode iii li

It swine & pultey xxs

Itm hyves xxs

Itm for all houshold stuffe xls

Sum totalis xlii li iiiis iiiid