Marriott Edward 1694 of Stathern will

Edward Marriott of Stathern 1694 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1694/48

In the name of god Amen I Edward Marit of Stathorne in the County of Leicester Shepard being weake in body but in perfect memory do ordaine and Make this my Last will and Testament in manner and forme following

Imprimis first I Bequeath my soule into the hands of allmighty god my maker hopeing through the Meritores passion of Jesus Christ to Receave Remision and pardon for my sins And my Body to be Buried in Christian Buriell in the Parish Church or Church yard of Stathorne according to the Decresion of my Executors

Imprimis I give unto my son Edward Marit of Eaton and his wife Two Ewes … … both

It I give to my Kinsman Edward Marrit the younger my Granchild one Ewe

It I give to Joseph Marit my Granchild one Ewe Hogg

It I give to Robert Marit my Granchild one Ewe Hogg

It I give to Mary Marit my Granchild one Ewe Hogg

It I give unto Mary Marit daughter of John Marit of Stathorne five pounds which is in the hands of Henry Mantle of Stathorne which I have bond for to go forward for her use at my decease

It I give unto Mary Marrit my deare wife Ten shepe one Cow and all the Househould goods that is in the house adjoyning to Robert Whitecarry

All that I owne to be mine is exspresed in this will

Lastly I do make Mary my wife full soule executrix of this my last will and Testament Revoking all other former wills and Testament

In Witness whereof I have put to my Hand and seal the forth day of October 1693

                                                                                                         Edward Marit his marke


Richard Julian

Bartholomew Potter [?]

Probate 38 June 1694