Marriott Augustin 1687 of Chadwell Will

Augustin Marriott of Chadwell 1687 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1687

In the will of God amen according to the computation of the Church of England Augustine Marrot of Caudle in the county of Leicester Carrpinter Being of perfect memory and remebrance praised be to God doe make my Last will and testament in maner and Forme Following

First I bequeath my soule into the hands of all mighty God my maker hoping that through The meritorious death and passion of Jesus Christe my onely savour and redeemer to receive free pardon for all my sins & as for my body to be buried in Christian Buriall in hope of assured Resurection

Itm I give unto John Hooms the sone of my Daughter Jane the sum of fourty shillings Being at twenty on years of age

Itm I give to Elissabeth the daughter of the said Jane Twenty shillings and the box of close tha was set By her aunt Ann 19 years of [“age” missing]

Itm I give unto William Huckerbe the son of my daughter Ann twenty shillings to be payed to him at twenty one years of age

Itm I give to my daughter in Law Martha 1 shilling

Itm I give unto my Son John 40 pound

Itm I give to the six needsfull widows in the town sixpence a peice

Itm I give unto my son Robert all my proper goods whom I make executor he to pay all Legiess

In Wittness whereof I have set my hand and seal July the 20 1686

                                                                                                                Augustin Marrot

Thomas Killingley

William Huckerbe

Lawrence Steele

Probate 15 April 1687