March Thomas 1726 of Hose will and inventory

Thomas March of Hose 1726 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives, Leicestershire Wills and Probate Records 1726

I Tho: March of Hose in the County of Leicester Husbandman this Sixteenth day of July Anno Dom 1726 do make this my last Will and Testament (in manner following)

Imprimis I will that my Debts Legacies and funerall Charges be paid and Discharged

Imprimis I give unto my Loving Son William March the Sume of fivety Pounds when he shall attaine the age of Twenty one years

Item I give unto my Loving Daughter Mary March the Sum of forty Pounds and one fether bed and Boulster one new Sett of Curtains and best Coverlid one Blankitt two Pillows two paire of flaxon Sheets a Table and halfe a Dozen of Chares one Table Cloth and halfe a Dozen of Napkins one Chest one Great pan three pewter Dishes to be paid her within Twelve months after my Decease

And Lastly I do give unto my Loving Wife Eliz: and Loving Son Thomas March all the Rest of my Estate Goods Cattle Chattles Bills Bonds and Debts of what kinde soever and do make them Sole Executors of This my last Will and Testament revoking all former wills by me heretofore made

In Wittness where I have to this my last Will and Testament Sett to my Hand and Seale the day and year first above Written

                                                                                                         Thomas March

Signed Sealed published and Declared in the presence of

Robert Julian

John Jervas his marke

Richd Rowse

A True and perfect Inventory of all the Goods Cattle & Chattle of Thomas March of Hose in the County of Leicester lately Deceased Viewed and Valued by us whose Names are hereunder written this 26th Day of October 1726

  £ s d
Imprimis His Purse and Apparrel 00 13 00
Item Four Draught … one filley & one fole 27 10 00
Five Milch Cows one Heifer & one Calfe 12 00 00
Twenty four old Sheep & fourteen Lambs 10 19 00
Two Store Swine 02 00 00
Corn in the Straw, Hay & Straw & Oats in the Straw 25 05 00
One Cart one Harrough one Plough & Gears 03 15 06
Forks, Spade, and Shovel 00 05 06
Fold Trees 00 06 08
Wheat Sown and Clods 13 19 04
Item the Chamber over the House Wool one Bed & bedding, Apples, Corn,      
Chairs & other things 04 13 04
In the Chamber over the House Cheese old Iron and other things 04 07 06
Goods in the Little Parlor two beds & beding and other things 00 15 06
Goods in the Great Parlour one Bed & beding one Cupboard, 2 Chests, four      
Boxes & other things 05 05 06
Goods in the Dairy Milk Vessels, & brewing Vessels and all other things 01 01 06
Coals 01 06 00
Goods in the House Brass and Pewter one Table Six Chairs and other things 04 15 06
Goods in the Chimney Corner one wanded chair hooks and Galley Calke 00 06 08
Things unseen and forgot 00 03 04
                                                                                                                     Sum 119 09 04

John Goodson his Mark

Henry Stokes

Francis Godfrey

Probate 31 October 1726