Mantle Catherine 1683 of Stathern Inventory

Catherine Mantle of Stathern 1683 Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/85/160

A true Inmatary of all the goods Chattell Moveable and unmoveable of Cattren Mantell of Stathorne in the Countie of Leicester wido decesed made the 12 of January 1683 [1683/4] by them whose names are under writen as followeth

Imprimus hir purs and Appariell 0 10 0
In the hall one andiron and rackiorn and all things theare unto beloning 0 2 6
One Cuberd one table and one bufit forme two Chears 1 10 0
Thre bras banns [begins with a b but probably pans] one pot   10 0
Foure puter dishis one Candlstik and one puter pint   1 0
In the parler      
One trus bed and one halfhed bed one chest and one cofer   10 0
Two matrises three pare of harden sheets one hempin sheet two boulster five      
pillows 0 12 0
Two Covrlids one set of red Curtins one borded bed one table 0 5 0
In the deary      
Thre barrlis one boule thre bancons [pancheons] one pipin 0 5 0
In the Chikin [kitchen]      
One tub one … three … and afu Coles 0 0 4
In the yard      
Five cous one two yere and yerling 10    
Foure mares and one fole 15    
Cart and gears one plow and one harrow 5    
For Corne and hay 27    
A sow and five pigs   16 0
And eight sheep 2 0 0
And other things not seene and forgite   2 0

Henery Parman

Thomas Dubbleday

Exhibited 16 January 1863/4