Mann Robert 1543 of Hickling Will

Robert Mann of Hickling 1543 Will

Borthwick Institute, York

In the name of god amen I Robert Man beinge seke in bodie holl in mynde and goode remembrance doth make my will and last testament in this manner followinge

Firste the xxvi day of Auguste in the yere of oure lorde god mdxliii I bequeath my soull unto almightie god and to oure blessed ladie Saincte Marie and to all the celestiall company of heven and my bodie to be buried in the churche or churche yerde of Saincte Wilfride in Hickelinge

Also for my mortuarie as the kings doth acts doth … … require

Also I bequeathe to the highe altare xiid

Also to the causye xiid

Also ii li of waxe at the day of my buriall to burne abowte my bodie

Also I bequeath in brede iiis iiiid and in milk iis to be delte to the people in the churche opon the day of my buriall

Also I will that half a trentall to Sir John Roberts be gyven to singe for my soull and all my goode frends soules

& also to owre ladie Southewell iiiid

Also I bequeath to Mr parson for to say messe and durige for my soull viiid

Also to Sir John Roberts for saying of durigie and messe and for paynes and labore xvid

And also to every prest beinge at my buriall iiiid

Also I bequeath to Willm Noble sone unto Ottewell Noble viiid or a strike of barlie

And also to Henrie Crose a strike of malte

Also I bequeath to Johan my wife thoroughe owte all my corne thre striks and Robert Man sone unto Thomas Man one strike thoroughe owt all my corne against my wife

Also I bequeath to Roberte Man aforesaide my best jackett my sworde a bowe and all myne arros a bridle a pare of spores

And if that my wif do marie the forsaide Robt Man he to have a coffer

Also I bequeath to Elisabeth Noble my sister wif to Ottewell Noble xiid

Also I bequeath to John C… my servante my grene jackett a bukeskyne dublett a ledder jerkyne my seconde pare of hose and iiiis in money

Also I will that my fowre bretherne bere me unto the churche and every one of them for to have for ther paynes and labore iiiid

Also I will that Rauf Hopkynson till and farme al my land to the halnes [?] and he for to lede forth all her dunge and to feche her a lode of cooles and he for to give my wif iis for this yere

Also I will that Johan my wif have all my lande the whiche she hathe possession of before sufficient … and … she for to have use and proffett of it for her lif and after her lif it to remayne to John Man and to his heres for ever

Also I make Mr parson the supervisor of this my last will and he for to have for his paynes and labore iii strike of barlie

Also I make Thomas Man my brother executor with Johan my wife and he for to have for his labore and paynes viiid

Alll the residue of my goodes not bequeathed nor gyven I bequeathe and give unto Johan my wif whome I make my full executrix

In witnes herof Sir John Robert prest Thomas Man Ottewell Noble Rauf Hopkyson with other moo

Probate 11 [or 16] October 1543