Mann John 1628 of Wymondham Will

John Mann of Wymondham 1628 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/I/244

In the Name of God Amen I John Mann of Wymondham in the Countye of Leicester being sicke in body but in Good and perfect remembrance doe make this my last will and testament in manner and forme following

First I Comend my soule into the hands of Allmightye God my Saviour and I Comit my bodye to the earth

And for my worldlye Goods I give and bequeath them as followeth

Imprimis I give to William my sonn my black heffor

Item I give to Francis my sonn my white Cow provided that he shall paye unto his sister Dorothye fortye shillinges and further I give unto my daughter Dorothye my best kettle

Item I give to Alce my daughter one weaning Calfe and my best pann

The rest of my Goodes unbequeathed my debtes payed and my Legacies performed and my Bodye brought to the earth I give and bequeath to Annis my wyfe whom I make sole executrix of this my last will and testament

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand the sixt daye of Aprill 1628 in the presence of theise whose names are under written

                                                                                                                John Man his mke

John White

William Taylor

Probate 10 June 1628


An Inventorye of all the Goodes of John Mann late of Wymondham deceased taken the xxiiiith daye of Aprill 1628 by us whose names ar under written

Imp in the dwelling house i Cubbord i table and a frame iii Joined stooles i Chayre i other
Table the fyre Ironsxs
Item in pewter and Brassexxs
Item in the parlour iii bedsteds i presse ii Coffersxs
Item x payer of sheetes iii Table Clothes iii Towells with all other lininges about the housels
Item iii mattrisses viii … iii payer of Blanketts and all other pillowes and thinges in the
parlouriiii l xs
Item in the Chamber over the parlour i bedsted one Cheese rack Lyning yarne ii lyning
Item the Chamber with the Boardes over the dwelling house iii Bacon flitches ii Tressles
with all other Implementes thearexxxiiis iiiid
Item in the neather … ii tubs i barrell iii payles with all other wood and thinges thearexxs
Item two yong swineixs
Item ii kye i herfor iii Calvesx l
Item the haye with hovells and manner in the yard all other Implementsxxs
Item his apparel and moneye and all other things unnominatedxs
Sum isxxiiii l iis iiiid

William Taylor

Beniamin Cook

Henry Maxey

Nicolas Bloomfield

Buried Edmondthorpe 17 April 1628