Mann Man family

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“Carriers. I do not remember Mr J Mann when he was a carrier with horse and cart to Nottingham, but I remember Mr Mann when he retired and lived with his family in the Parson’s Cottage next to the churchyard, this cottage was always in danger of being flooded when heavy rains occurred, and many times I can recall when furniture was taken upstairs. When I was at school the Wiles family lived there Tom, Fred, Dorothy and Madge and Addie and Eva born at their present house and the Parson’s Cottage then had a thatched roof.”

“Mr Mann was carrier for a number of years. I remember Mr and Mrs Mann living in Church Cottage. Mr Mann suffered with arthritis very badly in his later years, his wife a spotlessly clean woman took in washing. They had Billy, lived in the north and received decoration in the 1914-18 War. Dick a tram driver in Nottingham until retiring to Kinoulton. Maggie, Minnie, May Mann married and lived away. Sarah a maid at the Rectory in Canon Ashmall’s time, never married, and Florence also a maid at the Rectory, she married and lived away. Mr mann’s sisters were Mrs Susannah Shelton. Mrs Robert Parkes I remember on several occasions the Mann family moving their furniture upstairs because of floods at Church Cottage. There are not any Manns left in the district. Were members of the Parish Church.”

(Maggie’s Memories; pp57&92)
W0972a Main St 1904
W0972a Main St 1904

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