Maltby Peter 1698 of Hose will and inventory

Peter Maltby of Hose 1698 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archived PR/T/1698/28

In the name of god Amen I Peter Maultby of Hose in the County of Leicester husbandman beinge weake of Body but of a sound Mind and perfect Memory praise be therefore given to Allmighty god do make and ordaine this my present Last will and Testament in Manner and forme following that is to say

First and principally I Comend my Soule into the hands of Allmighty God hopeinge through the Merrits death and passion of my saviour Jesus Christ to have full and free pardon and forgiveness of all my sinns and to Inherit everlasting life and my body I commit to the Earth to be decently Buried at the discretion of my Executor hereafter named and as touchinge the disposition of all such Temporall Estate as it hath pleased allmighty god to bestow upon me I give and dispose thereof as followeth

Imprimis I will that my debts and funarall charges shall be paid and discharged

Item I give unto my sonne James Maultby one pound

Item I doe give unto Richard Marriott one shillinge

Item I give unto my daughter Elizabeth Chamberlin one shilling

Item I doe give unto Thomas Marriot one shillinge

Item I Give unto my daughter Ann Willson one shillinge

All the Rest and Residue of my personall Estate whatsoever I doe give and bequeath unto my Daughter Frances Maultby whom I doe make full and sole Executrix of this my Last will and Testament

In wittness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seale this Twenty Eight day of March In the yeare of our Lord God one Thousand six Hundred Ninety Eight 1698

                                                                                                         Peter Maultbey

Sealed subscribed and Delivered in the presence of

Robert Hicklinge

William Chamberlin

Francis Godfrey

John Smith


A true and perfect inventory of all the goods and Chattels of Peter Maltby of Hose in the Countie of Leicester deceased the third day of Aprill 1698

  £ s d
Imprimis His purse and Apparell 5 0 0
In the Hall One Long Table two furmes six Cheares one fall Table one Land setel      
And other small Things 1 10 0
It in the Hall Chimney one Fier Iron Two Froggs of Iron one Racking And other      
Iron Things in the Chimney 1 10 0
It In one Boarded Parler next the Hall One bed and beding Two Chists Three      
Boxis one Tabell five Cheares one Coffer one furm under the Tabell And other      
Small Things 6 15 0
Goods in an other Boarded parler Bed and Beding one Litell Tabell Two Stooles      
And other small Things 3 5 0
Goods in the Long parler Bed and beding one Chist Two Coffers And other Small      
Things 1 7 0
Beds and Beding in The Camber belong to two beds 2 7 0
Goods in the Kiching Machfat Tubs and other Things that belong to Bruing      
Vesell Curnes Cheese prece Seven Crindell Kitts 2 8 0
Goods in the Deary A Salting Truck a Litell Tabell Three Shelves Three formes      
And other Small Things in the Deary 1 5 0
Goods in the far Camber eleven Shelves one Coffer one Flouer Trunk and other      
Small Things belonging to the Chamber 0 10 0
Goods in the Cheese Camber Cheese and other Things 1 10 0
Goods in the Butery Tenn Barills one Churne one Thrall five Lether Bottels one      
Morter one flaskit 1 10 0
Five Lining Whelles and Woolling ones and yarne 1 5 0
Wooll in the House Twenty pounds 0 10 0
Hingings and other Beding belonging to the house 7 10 0
Brass and Copper and Great 6 0 0
Puter belonging to the House 3 0 0
Linings Belonging to the House 12 0 0
Two well Troues of Stone Two Swine Troues The well Corbe and Buckit and      
Chaines 1 0 0
One Cart Two ploues Three Harrows Two sheep Cribs & Fould Fleks Two leders      
And sum Other small Things 2 0 0
The Flecks and Mangers and Geares & Sadell & one Bease crib Collers & plow      
Timber 1 10 0
One Maire and Foll 10 0 0
Fourteene Beese yong and ould 29 0 0
One Sowe and seaven piggs 1 5 0
Five sheep 1 0 0
Wheate Barley and pease & Malt 24 0 0
Baken 1 0 0
Corn Sowne upon the Land 20 0 0
Ould Iron 0 5 0
Things unseen and forgoten     1 0 0
                                                                  The sum in toto is 151 2 0

Robert Hicklinge               )

Francis Godfrey                )  Praisers

William Chamberlin         )

Richard Julian                    )

Probate 9 April 1698