Machin John 1881 of Scalford Will

John Machin of Scalford 1881 Will

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives DE 462/24 pages 784

This is the last Will and Testament of John Machin this Fourteenth day of January in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and eighty one

I John Machin being of sound mind and persuaded that I am seriously ill am desirous of making suitable provision for my dear Wife Fanny Machin & her Children

I hereby will and bequeath to the said Fanny to be at her sole use and disposal all property whatsoever I may die possessed of after my just debts and funeral expences are defrayed, namely I leave & bequeath to the said Fanny Machin all freehold and personal property which I died possessed of as well as all monies whatsoever & whether stock, cattle implements or other effects I die possessed of for the sole use of my Wife Fanny Machin fully persuaded she will not abuse the confidence I have ever had in her

In witness whereof I do hereby in the presence of the Revd R Wynne Vicar of Scalford and George William Bunney Whittle Gentleman as Witnesses declare & testify this to be my last Will & Testament

                                                                                                                John Machin Houlsolder Scalford


Robert Wynne Vicar of Scalford

George William Bunney Whittle Farmer

At Leicester on the Twenty second day of December 1881 Administration (with the Will annexed) of the Personal Estate of John Machin late of Scalford in the County of Leicester Innkeeper and Grazier who died on the Sixth day of February 1881 at Scalford aforesaid was granted to Fanny Machin Widow the Relict the Residuary Legatee named in the said Will she having been first sworn, No Executor being named in the said Will

Personal Estate Gross £200.0.0.  Nett £157.6.0.