Lyners Thomas 1577 of Long Clawson will and inventory

Thomas Lyners of Long Clawson 1577 Will and Inventory

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Archives PR/T/1577/67

In the name of god Amen in the yeare of owre lorde god 1577 the xxiiii daye of November and in the xx yeare of the raign of Elyzabethe by the grace of god quene of England France and Ierlande defender of the feaythe &c Wytnessythe that I Thomas Lyners of Claxton sycke in body and of good and perfecte Remembrans doo ordayne and make thys my late wyll and testament in maner and forme hearafter folowing

Fyrst I bequethe my soule to Allmyghte god my maker and redemer and my body to be buryed in the church yarde of Claxton my paryshe church

It I bequethe to my Curate for all my tythes and offerings by me necligentely forgotten yf any suche be iiiid

It I bequethe to the pore mans boxe iiiid

It I bequethe to Jhon Lyners my sonne vs

It I bequethe to Rycharde Lyners my sonne vs

It I bequethe to Alles Lyners my dawghter a blacke flecte heffer

It I bequeth to Ellen Lyners my dawghter a blacke cowe calfe

It I bequethe to Mary Lyners my dawghter vs

It I confesse by thys my laste wyll that Wyllyam Lyners my sonne hathe had xls for hys chyldes parte

It I bequethe to Robart Lyners my sonne xls wherof I wyll that he have xxs at the age of xviii yeares and xxs at the age of xxi yeares

It I beqethe the Reste of my goodds and cattell unbeqethed to Elyzabethe my wyfe paing unto my other vii chylderin said portions at hyr discretion

It I ordayne and mayke Elyzabethe my wyfe full and sole executrix of thys my laste wyll and testament

It I ordayne and mayke Thomas Belton and Wyllyam Belton superviors and overseers of thys my laste wyll and testament

Thes wytnesses Christofer Goodwin Vycar Wyllm Hycling thelder Edwarde Gye Thomas Forthe Wyllyam Hycling Rycarde Lyners and Rycharde Dafte wythe other men

Much of the right hand side of the inventory is missing

The trewe Inventory of all the Goodds and cattells of Thomas Lyners of Claxton deceassed valued and prysed the xi daye of December by thes men viz Hewe Flowers Rychard Hycling Rychard Dafte Thomas Forthe wythe other men

Imprimis hys apperell xiiis
It iiii kye  
It ii steares a heffer & a calfe  
It a fylle  
It the swine  
It the corne & heaye  
It the croppe of weate sowen  
It the hovelles & palles & other tymber  
It the plowe geares vis
It the leade with other bruing vessels xxiii s …
It a bedde in a chamber wythe other stuffe xxxiiis …
It all the implements in the buttery  
It all the bedding in the parler xlxiiis …
It the napery in the parler wythe other implements xl …
It the puter and brasse  
It a copeborde wythe other implements in the howse xiiis iiiid
It all the yorne [iron] ware a bowte the fyer vis viiid
It all the pottery ware  
                                           Suma totalis xxxii l iiis iiiid  

Probate 21 February 1571/2